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Police hear concerns over crime from south side neighbors: “We have an obligation to address this”

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MILWAUKEE -- A spike in crime has some who live on Milwaukee's south side frustrated -- and demanding answers. Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan and Alderman Jose Perez teamed up to host a meeting on Wednesday evening, August 5th involving police and residents -- and it was packed.

Ascension Lutheran Church Milwaukee

Ascension Lutheran Church Milwaukee

The community forum was held at Ascension Lutheran Church at 1236 S. Layton Boulevard in Milwaukee. South side residents voiced their concerns to police and city leaders -- speaking for several hours about crimes in their neighborhoods that aren't making headlines -- like prostitution, break-ins and threats.

"This is your meeting and we want to hear from you -- and I know the police do as well," Alderman Bob Donovan said.

And officials did hear from residents -- many of them with serious concerns.

South side crime meeting

South side crime meeting

"She got her van stolen and it`s the only mode of transportation she has," one resident said.

"At 3 o`clock in the afternoon, when I was leaving work, there was prostitution happening right then and there," another resident said.

"We have an obligation as local government to address this," Alderman Donovan said.

"We want to create an opportunity for our neighbors to come out and have a direct line with the police department," Alderman Perez said.

South side crime meeting

South side crime meeting

Representatives from the Milwaukee Police Department listened to the concerns and took notes as each citizen stood and spoke out -- explaining how they've faced violence in their neighborhoods.

"This past weekend I was attacked in my own backyard by a neighborhood bully or gang -- in my own backyard," a resident said.


South side crime meeting

South side crime meeting

Alderman Donovan says auto thefts in his district are up 234% in just the last five years. He says 100 vehicles were taken in just the last month -- and there are concerns about shootings and drugs.

"We don`t want it to get any worse," Alderman Perez said. "We know when a block is organized, a neighborhood is organized, criminals stay away."

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  • R

    Low income housing and bus lines. You can make a direct correlation between the expansion of those two and the crime rate spreading in Milwaukee.

  • Crazy & Frusterated in 53204

    We lived by 17th & Greenfield for 6 years. We recently moved out of that area. We had 8 families move in from the North side and its been crazy. They would block people from going down certain streets, arguing, shouting at 2 a.m.; people yelling down the street, people driving and speeding all hours. Some would park their cars in the middle of the street while they talk and would get upset if you asked them to move; a murder on the corner, bullet in my housing unit; drunk driver hit my car and cause $4,000 worth of damage; drug dealing in a house down the street; trash all over the ground, streets, yards; a burnt down house; 2 boarded down homes and I don’t feel even safe walking down the street or going to our car at night. When I moved there 6 years ago I could walk by to the Family Dollar at 8 p.m., El Rey, Corner store, etc. No problem. Family Dollar Robbed, Pic N Save (bank inside robbed); gas station next to Pic N Save (brother robbed by 2 people) I hope they really do something because its getting extremely bad. If this happens where I’m living now. I’m moving out of Milwaukee.

    • Sheila Moyet

      So true. I lived on 16th and Greenfield for many years and never had any problems, then several years ago I saw the changes starting. I saw what was moving in and suddenly the neighborhood began to change. I knew it would come to this, so I moved my family out. I was right. The south side is becoming and extension of the north side.

    • Crazy & Frusterated in 53204

      From what I was told that landlords were being forced to rent to more minorities. I’m not sure that is true or not. In my old neighborhood maybe they just rented to anyone first come first serve. I don’t own property any more. In my property of my home on the North Side they used bleach on the carpets, put holes in the wall; trashed my walls and destroyed the home more than the deposit. Their references and credit report checked out. They were on social security for their disabled child. I think the people must have just lied for them. I learned my lesson on that one. I tried to do the right thing and my family really got burnt.

  • Crazy & Frusterated in 53204

    Sorry Sheila Moyet someone called you a racist. I don’t think you are. I just would have loved to stay in my old neighborhood when I moved there. I know several families on the block who own homes since the 1950’s that are considering selling and moving out. Many of neighbors who were renting were nice but they moved like you until they couldn’t deal with it any longer. My family needs to be safe . I really liked the location because you were close to many stores on 16th Street shops and downtown. I don’t think you said or I didn’t say all those people are bad because they are not. There are some from this race I fought beside and against. Some I have been best friends since I was child. I served with some when I was in the military. I owned a home in 6th and Center and that area became crazy. I love Milwaukee because of festivals, small town feel, the many fun things to do, the distance to visit Six Flags, The Dells, Chicago, Gurnee Mills Mall, Port Washington and other places. But something has to be done with the violence and crime. I saw an article I hope that they do it here. God Bless, Be safe and thanks for sharing as well.


    Gentlemen prepare to defend yourselves. But i’m a non combatant sir….. Today there is no such thing son.

  • #Truth

    You’re absolutely right. I went to high school over there in the late 80’s to early 90’s. Was bad over there then. Infested with Latin Kings, 2-1, Spanish Cobras, ect…. Cars being stolen, drug dealing and more.

  • timiri

    I thought the turnout was great. As someone below mentioned you can tell who concerned and who is not concerned. I just wish more people had the chance to speak however when people come to promote themselves and steer away from the purpose of the meeting it tends to happen. 53204

    I think only one person stayed to the 2 minute rule

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