17-year-old girl shot, wounded in Kenosha neighborhood: “I have a bullet in my chest”

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KENOSHA -- Kenosha police say a 17-year-old girl was shot and wounded near the intersection of 55th St. and 25th Ave. early Wednesday, August 12th. The girl was shot in the chest -- and less than 12 hours later, she was back home -- the bullet still lodged in her sternum.

Khadijah Barker

Khadijah Barker

Officers initially responded to a call for shots fired in the neighborhood shortly before 2:00 a.m. When they arrived, officers found five spent bullet casings -- and took statements from citizens who say they heard shots fired.

About 40 minutes after the initial call, the 17-year-old girl showed up at a Kenosha hospital with a gunshot wound to her chest.

The girl's mother tells FOX6 News the bullet hit her from the side, and traveled to her sternum. The girl is now recovering at home.

Taranne Robinson

Taranne Robinson

The girl's mom says it was around 3:00 a.m. when she got a knock at her door.

"'Are you Mrs. Robinson? Yes. Is your daughter Khadijah Barker? Yes. You need to come with me immediately.' I`m like 'immediately? Shes in bed!' He`s like 'no she`s not. She`s at the hospital,'" Taranne Robinson said.

Robinson says she quickly realized her daughter had left the home -- and she was in serious trouble.

"That is the most gut-wrenching, horrible feeling a parent could ever ever have. When I saw her I didn`t know if I should just hug her and kiss her.  She said one minute she was standing there and the next minute she felt, she thought maybe it was a rubber bullet. She said she felt pressure on her chest, and then her friends noticed the hole in her sweater and then the blood," Robinson said.

Friends, Robinson says, got her daughter to the hospital.

"I just hope they find whoever did this because it could have really taken another turn and I could be sitting here without her," Robinson said.

Their struggles aren't over. Khadijah Barker was sent home with the bullet still in her chest. She worries it could impact her daughter's future.

"She was really upset. She said 'Mom, I'm not going to be able to be in the military because I have a bullet in my chest,'" Robinson said.

Robinson says police consoled her daughter -- talking with her about possible options. She says as far as she knows, her daughter and their friends did not know the suspect or suspects who apparently shot at them.

Police are trying to determine whether this was a random act, or whether the girl was targeted.

Monitor FOX6 News and FOX6Now.com for updates on this developing story.


  • Jim

    Sorry this young lady got hurt. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time, but she was there because she chose to sneak out of the house and be where she should of been when she shouldn’t have been there. Although a senseless victim she is partly responsible and I hope she learned a lesson.

  • Resident

    Wants to be in the military but is sneaking out at night? Won’t make it through tech school or basic training. Also why is she wear ACUs if she is not in the military, much less wearing it with earbuds in.

  • NT

    Sorry she was hurt….but i sgree. Sneaking out? So long to get to hospital? They are hiding something. And guess what Mom. You have no control over your house.

  • NT

    If crazy means expecting our youth to be home safely in bed, at a decent hour, than yes, we are crazy. We expect them to tell the truth and aspire to their dreams. Sounds like you expected your youth out running the hood, playing with guns, sneaking out of the house. Nice expectations to set for your youth. How many do you bury or get of of jail? Actually that’s sad. Real sad, that you think is ok to get shot, cause they are kids…….SMH

  • Tina

    Looks like my first comment got deleted so I’ll leave it again…
    They got her to the hospital 40 minutes after the initial call of gunshots? Why did it take that long to get her to a hospital less than 5 minutes away? Why not call an ambulance as soon as they realized she’d been shot? Because they are your everyday typical hood rats, they know who did it, they had to make sure she wasn’t going to “snitch” first.

  • Kelly

    So let me enlighten everyone! Ok so noone deserves to be shot first off! I was there that night, that gun went off inches from me but I’ll come back to that! This girl was with a group of 30 or so kids that were creating problems all over my neighborhood! It sounded like the jerk who shot it off just did randomly, not shooting at anyone, but unfortunately those bullets hit objects that directed them in other directions! Even after most of the other kids ran off, there still wasn’t panic coming from her! The police told me the whole neighborhood was calling in to complain about these kids causing problems! After the shots were fired I did call 911 and did give a report but it wasn’t until the next morning that I found out that one of those bullets went through the mattress me and my five year old were sleeping on missing her by only an inch! So yeah kids will be kids but when does it stop? When my child gets murdered? For everyone’s information before you decide to bash me, I don’t have a choice where I live! I also have an Excellent landlord! I’m a single WORKING mother with 2 kids 1 of which is a teenager who I dare to sneak out! Never!

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