Gov. Scott Walker says he’ll ‘never use the kind of language’ Trump does

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MADISON — Gov. Scott Walker says he will “never use the kind of language” that fellow Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump employs on the campaign trail.

Walker was asked Wednesday about comments Trump has made about women and whether Walker is concerned about how voters will view the Republican field in light of that.

Walker says he has faith in voters that they will not confuse him with Trump, the billionaire businessman.

Trump joked during last week’s GOP debate when asked about calling some women “fat pigs” and “disgusting animals.”

Walker says, “I will always be respectful to people and I will never use the kind of language that you’ve heard out of him and some of the candidates out there.”


    • Fred

      He’ll also do what ever his special interest cronies want no matter what the voice of the people says. I vote conservative, but Walker never had my vote.

  • Penny Paris

    But he has no qualms about dividing our state and he will do the same with our nation. Governor Walker only does things that benefit him, though he’ll tell you otherwise. He will say what’s best for him and doesn’t give a rat’s crack about anyone else, unless they’re rich of course.

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