Do your kids have a cell phone? Ways to keep tabs on the youngest of cell phone users

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MILWAUKEE -- A recent study found that the average age a kid gets a cell pone is six years old. 53 percent of American kids will own a phone by the  time they turn seven. So, how can parents keep tabs on their kids' phones as they head back to the classroom? Jamie from Verizon Wireless joins Real Milwaukee to help.

  1. Set up a password. Ensure your kids know the importance of a good password on their phone main screen - you never know when a phone may go missing and it`s important to protect personal information.
  2. Add important contacts. Make sure the phone is updated with family contacts, trusted friends and emergency numbers, anyone your child could reach out to easily in case of an emergency.
  3. Learn how to set social media privacy settings. The default status of social networking sites is public. Log in with your child to change the settings so only accepted 'friends' can see your child`s account.
  4. Understand location information. Facebook, Twitter and many other smartphone apps give the option to broadcast your location and/or `check in` at specific places. While some parents may be eager to know their child`s location, others may feel more comfortable disabling this GPS technology in the device`s settings.
  5. Set up boundaries. Take advantage of tools that help manage how and when kids are accessing online content via their mobile device. For example, Verizon`s FamilyBase gives parents a dashboard-style view of how their kids are using their mobile phones, as well as the ability to control their calling, messaging and data access.
  6. Explore child safety gadgets. For younger children not quite in need of a smartphone but still in need of staying connected to home, the LG GizmoPal is a wearable child-tracking phone/wristband appropriate for kids in elementary school that helps them easily make and receive phone calls to/from select numbers through single button calling and auto-answer features. The accompanying app allows parents to easily manage their child`s GizmoPal so they can locate their child and check in on them.

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  • Grey Maynerd

    Good tips, but I would rather just get them a specially designed smartphone for kids. I ended up getting my daughter a phone from It’s nice because it’s already loaded with educational apps and internet access is restricted based on my preference.

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