Police: Man attempting to steal car shoots owner when confronted

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MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police are investigating a shooting that happened in the neighborhood near Sherman and Burleigh on the city's north side Saturday evening, August 22nd.

Officials say just before 8:30 p.m., the victim of the shooting confronted a person who was attempting to steal his vehicle. The suspect shot the victim. The 27-year-old Milwaukee man suffered a non-life threatening injury.

Police are seeking a suspect in this case.

This non-fatal shooting comes on the heels of the 101st homicide in Milwaukee, which occurred early Saturday morning, August 22nd.

That homicide happened shortly before 2:00 a.m. near 15th and W. Scott.

A 35-year-old Milwaukee man, now identified as Gabriel Velazquez, was shot after an argument, when a suspect shot at his vehicle after he entered his vehicle and attempted to run over the suspects.

The victim then drove to the area of 16th and W. National, where he died.

The city's 100th homicide occurred Friday, August 21st around 7:00 p.m.

A 35-year-old Milwaukee man, now identified as Luis Santiago, was shot when he was approached in an alley by three to five males, and an argument ensued. One suspect shot the victim, and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Milwaukee police say there were a total of 86 homicides during all of 2014.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett says something needs to be done about all the violence we've seen this year.

"What we've seen is people lose their tempers. Sometimes alcohol is involved. Sometimes drugs are involved. Somebody feels they`ve been dissed and the guns come out. It's about controlling emotions," Mayor Barrett said.

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  • R

    Let’s hope the judge doesn’t throw out the charge for a lack of evidence like the other liberal idiot who couldn’t figure out how to keep an armed robbery charge with a witness that had a gun in her face.

    • Harvey Lovejoy

      Not really, you can’t use your weapon to protect your property. If you take your gun to prevent someone from stealing your vehicle and shoot them, you will be charged by the Milwaukee DA. In this scenario, even if you shot back at someone that shot at you, the DA will say you put yourself in that situation. This DA needs to go along with all these liberal slap on the wrist judges.

      • s holmes

        Yes, you can pull your gun to protect your property & if an attempt is made to go for your gun you can shoot to kill. We have no duty to retreat in Wi so you don’t need to move for a criminal. Libs don’t make the laws here.

      • CYNIC

        You’re both sort of right. You can’t use deadly force to protect property. You just can’t. You can, however, use any and all non-lethal force. Simply confronting someone for attempting to steal your car is neither, and is a natural reaction. However, if that situation escalates to the perpetrator pulling a gun on you, now you have every right to use lethal force because now it isn’t the car being threatened, it’s your life. Problem is you would have to prove who drew first. Good luck with that in this county.

  • Ms.Jackson

    That’s so untrue my cousin was getting robbed he got shot but he killed one of the dudes robbing him and he still has his freedom to this day ccw goes a long way and in certain cases self defense is considered he could have got off with defending himself if he returned fired and was licensed

  • Sabrina

    This is more than tempers or alcohol. It is the thugs committing crimes and getting away with it. These inner city cultures need to change. It will get worse.

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