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“We hope they catch him:” Four strong-armed robberies in one day! Can you help police?

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GREENDALE -- Greendale police are asking for the public's help in identifying a suspect believed to be involved in four strong-armed robberies that occurred in one day.

All four of these crimes happened on August 6th.

August 6th strong-armed robberies

August 6th strong-armed robberies

Rochester Public Library

Rochester Public Library

At approximately 11:43 a.m. the Rochester Library, located at 208 W. Spring Street, was robbed by a male in his early 30s.

The suspect was described as very tan or possibly Hispanic, standing 5’8 to 5’10. He had black hair -- not a buzz cut, but shorter than shoulder length hair that was curly, and he had scruffy facial hair-- similar to a five o’clock shadow. The  man also had tattoos on his neck, forearms and legs. The suspect was wearing a black T-shirt that was turned inside out, baggie dark blue shorts and a blue “Pabst “ trucker hat.

"You don`t usually think a library is going to be subject to a hold up," Jane Serdynski, Rochester Library circulation supervisor said.

Serdynski tells FOX6 News the suspect approached an employee and asked whether she could make change.

"He handed her a note.  It demanded money," Serdynski said.

Serdynski says the suspect got away with all of the money in the drawer for overdue library books.

"It was just a few dollars in our drawer.  $10 about. We just hope that they catch him at some point," Serdynski said.

Strong armed robbery suspect (Courtesy: Greendale Police Department)

Strong-armed robbery suspect

The second incident occurred approximately 11:54 a.m. on that same day.

Police say an elderly woman was leaving the Waterford Public Library, located at 101 N. River Street, when she was approached by what appeared to be the same suspect.

Police say he demanded that she hand over her purse. When the victim refused, the suspect allegedly said “hand over your purse. I have a gun." The suspect fled on foot.

Suspect in string of strong-armed robberies

Suspect in string of strong-armed robberies

Investigators were able to obtain video surveillance of the suspect from within the Waterford library. The suspect is described as an adult male, standing 5’8 to 5’10 tall, weighing approximately 200 pounds.

The suspect was wearing dark blue or black baggie shorts, a white short-sleeve button-up shirt, white ankle socks and black Nike brand shoes.

Strong armed robbery suspect (Courtesy: Greendale Police Department)

Strong-armed robbery suspect

Around 12:39 p.m. ,Hales Corners police took a report of a robbery that occurred in the 5300 block of S. 108th Street.

A white or possibly Hispanic male subject described as late 20s to early 30s, about 5’7” tall with a stocky build, and scruffy facial hair, wearing a blue baseball hat, light plaid shirt, dark brown shorts and white sneakers, approached a 14-year-old girl and demanded her purse. She refused.

He then told the victim that he had a gun and moved his hand behind his back. The suspect then forcibly took the purse from the girl and fled northbound through a parking lot into a residential neighborhood.

At 12:50 p.m., outside of the Boston Store located at 5300 S. 76th Street, what appears to be the same suspect as the previous incidents approached an elderly woman and demanded that she give him her purse.

When the woman refused to do so, the male suspect grabbed the purse and began to violently attempt to pull the purse from the elderly woman without success. The suspect threw the woman to the ground, causing her to break her hip.

The suspect was observed running southbound through the parking lot.

He was seen wearing a dark blue or black button-up Nike jersey, dark blue baggie shorts, and a pair of black Nike brand shoes.

Police say this man never displayed a weapon during any of these crimes, even though he threatened he had one.

Anyone with any information is urged to contact Detective Julie Barth of the Greendale Police Department at 414-423-2121.

Google Map for coordinates 42.742561 by -88.226554.


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    Why does it take almost 3 weeks to get this information to the public?? This loser needs to be off the street and get his ask kicked by the police and anyone else that wants a shot…..

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  • Fred

    This loser needs to be put down now. When you target the elderly and children you automatically become a prime candidate for a brutal arrest. Too bad the cops can’t kick his @$$ without repercussions – but the public can.

  • ubiquitous king

    Trump is going to fix this, when caught he gets a free spot on the otherwise of the 1900 mile fence because this guy has to be an illegal, don’t believe me, ask the natives.

  • Hillary is guilty

    To answer the last sentence in this headline; No I cannot help the police until the local media starts too! The media has demonized law enforcement with the black lives matter bs and now you seem to care?

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