Mother of 14-year-old boy struck by vehicle petitions for change: “Put up a push-button and crosswalk”

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NEW BERLIN -- The mother of a New Berlin teen hit by a car on Thursday, August 20th tells FOX6 News, her son is making a remarkable recovery. But there's another struggle the family is now focusing on.

Charles Bray

Charles Bray

The impact sent a teenage boy flying in the air, and his bicycle tumbling after.

"To see his body get thrown away that far from the car, that is very difficult to watch," said Bo Bandow, victim's mother.

The accident happened near the intersection of Moorland and Mayflower in New Berlin last Thursday. The driver of a DHL truck had the right-of-way and did not face charges after the crash.

14-year-old Charles Bray suffered a head injury. His mother could only bring herself to watch the dashcam video the night before her FOX6 News interview.

"My son, he doesn't even remember," said Bandow.

Bo Bandow

Bo Bandow

Bandow says Charles was riding his bike after football practice at New Berlin Eisenhower, crossing the busy intersection to get home.

"There's plenty of kids living on the west side of Moorland and they have to go to Eisenhower, which is on the east side of Moorland," said Bandow.

Bandow says crossings like Moorland and National are even more dangerous -- and it has something the intersection doesn't have.

"There is no push-button for pedestrians to cross," said Bandow.

Now, this mother is on a mission to change that.

"This is a starting point. If I have to go to the neighbors, door-by-door to collect signatures, I will do that," Bandow said.

Bandow says her petition is a simple request.

"Put up a push-button and crosswalk," Bandow said.

New Berlin

New Berlin

FOX6 News asked the county's director of public works about the intersection. She told us by telephone: "Waukesha County is willing to work with New Berlin to address safety issues in this area. There will be a safety committee meeting September 9th in New Berlin to discuss these issues further."

"I am very happy to hear that," said Bandow.

While Charles is still recovering, it is unlikely that he will be able to go back to playing football this season.



    Look both ways, run, problem solved. Sorry a kid had to get hurt because his parents didn’t teach him one of life’s little tips.

  • chris

    Or how about educating your son that if he’s on a bike he must obey traffic laws and not try to dart across traffic when others have the right away?

  • R


    What in the world is wrong with people? All common sense goes out the window, and now she wants the city to change because her son doesn’t have the intelligence to maybe peek over his shoulder before jaywalking? IDIOTS.

    • LY

      There arent crosswalk lines at that intersection, shes just trying to prevent it from happening to the other children who cross that busy intersection. She doesn’t imply shes blaming the city at all.

  • Government Cheese

    I was wondering how long it would take for this to be someone else’s fault (other than the kid). No one wants to see anyone get hurt, but in the real world, personal choices come with real consequences (good or bad). As others have said, don’t cross a busy street on a red light. Wait the 60, 120, 500 seconds or whatever it takes for it to turn green. A few minutes waiting for a “go” light is always better than months of physical pain and rehab. Hope the kid makes a full and speedy recovery.

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