“I don’t wear a toupee:” Donald Trump asks women to touch his hair to prove it

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Donald Trump

Donald Trump

SOUTH CAROLINA — Donald Trump says he doesn’t wear a toupee. Now, he has independent confirmation.

The real estate mogul called a woman onto stage — “And have I ever met you before? No,” he said — to give his hair a quick tug during a campaign rally Thursday, August 27th in South Carolina.

So is it real?

“Yes, I believe it is,” the woman, who wasn’t named, said into Trump’s microphone.

“I don’t wear a toupee. It’s my hair, I swear,” Trump said.

He’d previously had Barbara Walters run her fingers through his hair to confirm that it is real. And in June, he called a woman onto stage at a campaign event to perform a similar check.

On Thursday, Trump held up the day’s front page of The New York Times, highlighting an article about Spanish-language media’s mockery of his presidential candidacy.

He pointed to Ricardo Sanchez, a drive-time radio host in Los Angeles, calling Trump “el hombre del peluquin” — which translates to the man of the toupee.

“We’re gonna settle this,” he said, pointing to a woman in the audience at the Upstate Chamber Coalition in Greenville, South Carolina. “Just come on up here. You have to do an inspection. This is getting crazy,” he said. “This is crazy. Just real quick — we don’t want to mess it up too much, cause I do use hair spray.”


  • chris

    Really libs? All you have is this guy’s hair and it’s national news. What about Hillary and her emails/server, Bengazi, Fast and Furious? I’m guessing I’ll get moderated because I don’t agree with your leftist views

  • Linda

    Thanks for putting this straight Donald…lots of us wondered if it was a toupee but looked past it because we are listening to YOU not focusing on your hair!

  • Fred

    I figured it must be real. If it was a rug it would have blown off of his head long ago with all that hot air spewing from that windbag…..are people really looking at this freak like he would truly be a good representative for the people of this country?

    • ReadyForChange

      You bet…real, confident and NOT a politician but someone wanting to turn this country around…let’s see if it’s hot air or the best chance we have for true leadership.

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