“I’m in a bind:” Milwaukee orders crumbling church to be torn down, but pastor says they can’t afford to

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MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee church is sinking and crumbling. Neighbors say it's dangerous and the city agrees and has ordered it demolished. So why does the congregation say they can't send in a wrecking ball?

This isn't a church where age has taken its toll. In fact, the church had yet to be completed.

Jesus Soul Saving Traveling Mission Church

Jesus Soul Saving Traveling Mission Church

Now, facing thousands in fines, the church says there is nothing they can do to fix the problem.

At 95th and Allyn Street on Milwaukee's far northwest side it's hard to miss.

"I don't even think they had good contractors over there," said Danice Parker, neighbor.

Jesus Soul Saving Traveling Mission Church

Jesus Soul Saving Traveling Mission Church

It is supposed to be the future home of the Jesus Soul Saving Traveling Mission and after years of work, it was nearly done.

"It started sinking during the winter months, it wasn't level," said Parker.

A spring rain storm took down the roof. After months of no activity, neighbors want the building gone.

"They need to take it down cause it's dangerous," said Parker.

The city of Milwaukee agrees. A judge ordered if the building is not down by the end of August, there may be consequences.

"Ha ha, that's not going to happen, that's not going to happen at all because the end of the month, that's next week," said Parker.

"They are after me real hard and after Monday they are going to charge me $1,500 a day if I don't tear it down. So I'm in a bind," said Pastor Mary Grey.

For her home, 82-year-old Pastor Mary Grey says her church does not have the estimated $90,000 to remove the unfinished building. Grey says she is fighting with her insurance company.

Jesus Soul Saving Traveling Mission Church

Jesus Soul Saving Traveling Mission Church

"The man who sold me the insurance didn't give me the right coverage. I had the insurance, but he didn't give me the right coverage," said Grey.

Until that battle is sorted out, Grey is asking the city and court for more time -- leaning on her faith to fix the problem.

"I'm going to build a church for the lord and my children out there, they is waiting on me," said Grey.

Pastor Grey says they've been given a week extension to try and solve their insurance issues. So for now, the dilapidated church remains standing.


  • dick

    If the actual members of the crooked church would either put in some of there money or maybe do a fundraiser to pay for it something would get done! Most blacks use the church as another scheme to get money and hide behind the lord!

    • devingust

      Obviously they’re making money hand over fist when they couldn’t afford to finish building this church over a multi-year period. They must definitely be crooked building a new church for their members that they never could finish. They should have no problem raising nearly $100,000 by having a bake sale, right? Your comments appear to be valid, Dick.

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