“Bit my ribs…then he bit my arm:” Pit bull taken to MADACC after eight-year-old girl attacked

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MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police say an eight-year-old girl is recovering after she was bitten by a pit bull in the 8200 block of W. Daphne Street on Wednesday, August 26th.

Eight-year-old Kennedy Ross was taken taken to the hospital for treatment.

Kennedy Ross

Kennedy Ross

Surrounded by friends and family, Ross told FOX6 News she's doing much better just about 24 hours after she was attacked.

"My side is hurting right now, but other than that I feel good," said Ross.

It happened on Wednesday afternoon.

"I was riding my bike and I saw a dog running over here," said Ross.

Ross jumped off her bike and headed for home -- but the dog chased her down.

"The dog had bit my ribs, and then I fighted him off of me, and then he bit my arm. Then I ran into the house and then he came into the house and my dad had to fight him out," said Ross.



After a brief stay in the hospital, and more stitches than Ross can count, she was able to crack a smile Thursday. But because of the bite, MADACC (the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Commission) took action.

"We did euthanize the dog (Wednesday) night when it came in and (Thursday) we sent a sample of the tissue in to Madison for testing," said MADACC Executive Director Karen Sparapani.

"I don't blame the father at all, as far as telling me that he wanted to shoot the dog," said Jeanne Henk, the dog's owner said.

Henk called her five-year-old pit bull 'Indio.'

"That would have been fine with me, even if he would have shot the dog," said Henk.

Henk adds after Indio bit another girl in the neighborhood a couple of years ago, she's kept the canine cooped up. But on Wednesday, she says a cable crew failed to close her rear gate and when she opened Indio's cage...

Kennedy's dog injuries

Kennedy Ross' dog bite injuries

"He made a break for it right away," Henk said.

On Thursday, Henk told FOX6 News she's comforted by Ross' improving condition.

"I feel very sorry for that family and I hope things get better for them and that the little girl can recover," said Henk.

Should you find yourself being approached in an aggressive manner by an unfamiliar dog, MADACC officials suggest you stand in place, put your hands in your pockets, and avoid making eye contact with the dog.


    • Mary Ann Redfern (@Carlaumol)

      To be specific, pit bulls eviscerate, exsanguinate and decapitate. They deglove and tear out mucles. They have broken the strongest bone in the human body, the femur..with ease. Pits aren’t pets. Pits were bred to kill each other in pits for the bloodsport, gambling amusement of vile dogmen. They were NEVER meant to be pets. WAKE UP, PEOPLE.

      • Danika

        Get your facts straight idiot, a pitbull has a bite force of 230 psi (pounds per square inch) and the rottweiler has 235 psi and the bull mastiff has 500 psi.

  • Blameowners

    Yes, lets keep a dog “cooped up” Looks like a puppy too. SMH If you can’t handle a pitbull, please do not get one. Pitbulls are powerful dogs to begin with. Sh*tty owners like this make every pitbull owner look bad.

    • Mel


      The dog has a choke chain on in its picture, clearly showing that the owner doesn’t know how to properly train it. You shouldn’t have to choke a dog to walk it and definitely not control it. Shows how much ignorance is out there, scares the hell out of me how many DUMB owners there are.

      Drops mic.

      • Tonya Pomietlo

        You said it. this is a heartbreaking story all the way around. That owner failed that poor dog, and therefore someone else had to pay the cost.

  • Mary Ann Redfern (@Carlaumol)

    I wonder how long it will be before Henk gets herself another pit bull? Oh, and that advice they gave you regarding standing still for an agressive dog…don’t try that with a fighting/gripping breed dog ie pit bull…he will mow you down and eat your arms off. Best advice I can offer is to get as high off the ground as you can…top of a car or a tree. And good luck! You’ll definitely need it. BSL USA- WiDE

  • Debbie Bell

    That advice was good “dog bite prevention” advice before the pits/gripper dogs polluted our neighborhoods and the dog gene pool. Now it’s less than worthless.

    Now with game-insane deviant gladiator dogs being owned by the mostly uncaring and/or uneducated, the “try to survive” a dog attack advice is

    Try to remain upright,
    Keep your head and throat up out of reach
    Hold into a vehicle, fence,
    each other if you are with another person

    Scream “help” loudly, do not stop,

    Pray that someone brave will come to your rescue and kill the attacking dog by slitting its throat or strangling it to death with a leash. Please kill all attacking dogs as that way they die happy and will never attack again.

    Good “kill or die trying” pits won’t stop because of pain, not beatings, even stabbings to body may not kill a pit until it bleeds out or drowns in its own blood.

    Do not try to harm the pits head, as they were bred to have thick thick skulls and muscle and very very small brains. Bullets sometimes ricochet off the bone.

    There is no bite PREVENTION because “good” game-insane bully dogs attack for no reason, from instinct alone, without first trying to avoid conflict.

    The gripper dog’s goal is not to defend home or resource. Their goal is not to drive an intruder away. They will attack even far from home with no resource in sight. Their goal is the biting, crushing, tearing, killing. Endorphins and adrenalin make the pit happy, videos frequently show the pit’s wagging tail as he happily mauls his victim dog/human.

    The pits you know may not be “good” kill or or die tryin dogs yet, but because good pits do not need a reason and do not give warning first, you won’t know your pit’s becoming a good pit until it does.

    As the pit fanciers/dog fighters say, “you can take the dog out of the fight, but you can’t take the fight out of the dog.”

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