Superstar in the making: Jaid Ruffing makes quite the splash on stage

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MILWAUKEE -- She's only 10 years old -- and already writing songs, singing and playing the guitar. Jaid Ruffing joined the Studio A team on Monday, August 31st to share her talent.

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  • Jim Fuchs

    Jaid is an amazing little girl, very gracious and talented. But I am disappointed. I wanted to watch the video but it wasn’t loading. I use Ghostery to block/limit what cookies and plugs in, ads, and statistics gathering stuff on web pages. I assumed that was why the video wasn’t playing so I chose to pause the blocking and allow the page to load in it’s entirety. Wow, really Fox 6? After 10 minutes the page still hadn’t finished loading, but over 150 of those little ad tracking apps sure did!

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