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Fishermen ‘catfished’ by pair of creatures in need of rescue

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HUEYTOWN, Alabama — Two men on a fishing trip caught something amazing on video.

According to, Jason Frost his friend Brandon Key were on a boat in the Warrior River on Saturday, August 29th when they heard something splash into the water. Moments later they saw an orange kitten swimming towards the boat.

Editor’s note: The video posted above contains vulgar language. Viewer discretion is advised. 

Frost grabs the kitten from the river and places it aboard the vessel. The little kitten shakes off the water and starts to meow. His friend then says he saw another kitten jump into the river.

They moved the boat closer to the swimming kitty. They noticed the two kittens looked almost identical.

“Is this not the craziest thing you’ve ever seen?” one man said. They believe someone probably dumped the kittens. reports that the men gave the kittens to a family with two little girls.


  • Mel

    Animals never cease to amaze me. Some jerk, like the gentleman said, probably abandoned them out there, and after all that these little kittens STILL craved human contact, so much so that they jumped in water and swam to them! And they have to be siblings as the other one followed after the first. This should be how HUMANS treat one another. Pretty said that after all the years we SHOULD have spent enlightening ourselves, these thousands of years, that we see more love, compassion and forgiveness in animals.

  • Ash

    Agreed, Mel. It’s a miracle these two were saved. I watched the video and hoped there weren’t more on that island! Hopefully the family with the two girls will be good to the kittens!

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