Mother who forgot her baby in a shopping cart speaks out: “I’m a good mom who made a horrible mistake”

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PHOENIX, Arizona — The Arizona mother who forgot her baby in a shopping cart in front of a grocery store last week is breaking her silence.

“I’m a good mom who made a horrible mistake,” she says.

In a tearful interview, 27-year-old Cherish Peterson acknowledges she made a terrible mistake while rushing in and out of a Fry’s grocery store on Monday, August 24th to buy some candy for a nephew’s birthday.

On that day, Cherish was with three of her four small children when she inadvertently forgot her two-month-old baby boy in the shopping cart in front of the store.

“I got into my car, and normally I put my cart away,” says Peterson. “But I didn’t need to because I parked at the front of the store and I never park there. And I drove away.”

The baby was spotted almost immediately by an off-duty Phoenix police officer, who took the infant into a nearby Supercuts salon.

Fortunately, the boy was not injured and he is doing fine.

But in the days that followed, Peterson faced a blast of criticism on social media, as people called her a drug addict and a terrible mom.

But Gilbert police say Peterson returned to look for her baby within 40 minutes when she realized her mistake.

“As I was pulling into the garage, my three-year-old goes, ‘where’s baby Huxton?'” Peterson says. “His car seat is right behind me. I turned around and realized it was gone.”

“It was still a long time,” Peterson admits. “It was still 40 minutes. It was not two hours. And I never took my other kids out of the car, so it wasn’t like I knew I left him. I thought the whole time he was in my car.”

“I married the best, in terms of the mother and wife Cherish is to me and our children,” says her husband Nathan Peterson, coming to his wife’s defense. “A mistake was made, and we learned, but we’re not perfect. We’re not perfect. But we love our family and we love our children and we are grateful that everything is okay.”

After initially indicating no charges would be filed against Peterson, Gilbert police have now forwarded a misdemeanor charge of child endangerment to the town prosecutor.

The Petersons contend it was a mistake that they will agonize over the rest of their lives.

“It’s hard when you can’t shield your beloved wife and family from hateful and judgmental things,” says Nathan Peterson.

“There is nothing I love more in this world than being a mom,” says Cherish Peterson. “And there is no one in this world who could love my kids more than me.”


  • Idiot

    She forgot her baby in the shopping cart. Who does that? And she only bought candy. How do you not notice the huge infant carrier. They should take all her kids away and get her fixed. Mother of the year. Well see Cherish on the news in a year or 2 again after she leaves a kid or all 4 in a hot car and we’ll hear the same story Im a good mom. Idiot

  • hard working taxpayer

    So she left her other kids in the car while she ran in and forgot one in the shopping cart…in the Arizona heat…Thank God for the off duty police officer being there. Yup, not the sharpest tool in the shed.

  • ldyastrid

    I can remember a time when my family went on a vacation – we all (7 kids + parents) piled into the car, as Dad drove off, he’d say “sound off” and we’d each say our names in the order of eldest to youngest… one time, the youngest didn’t answer – we were already on the highway again so had to drive to the next exit to turn around and go back for him… we still get mileage out of that and it was 45 years ago – apparently all you people snarking on this mom have NEVER done anything absent minded or wrong so you can throw rocks, right? Give her a break – it certainly wasn’t intentional – thankfully the child is fine, but it will take a long time (if ever) for Mom to get over it.

  • TK Noah Bao Qingtian

    A Tale of Three Mothers. Can we guess the race category of the three mothers in America in a Post Racial Society.

    One mother Catalina Clouser decided to get high and drove for 12 miles with her 2 month old baby on the roof of her car..By the time she realized her baby wasn’t in the car, it was too late.. The baby fell off and was found still in his car seat in the middle of busy freeway.. fortunately unharmed…Clouser was just sentenced and got probation

    The second mother Shanesha Taylor was homeless and trying to get her life on better footing. She had a job interview and could not get anyone to watch her kids ages 2 yrs and 6 months , so she left them in the car, with window open and went inside to do her job interview.. This mom was arrested and charged w/ a felony, her kids were taken away.. Both Catalina and Shanesha live in Arizona.

    The third mother Cherish Peterson is getting defended for leaving her child.

    People who are sick of people pointing out the difference in the social response to issue based on race come from a place of the privelage in society and know that there privelage is being eroded.

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