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Slinger woman arrested, accused of tossing cat out of vehicle after dispute at Humane Society

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SLINGER — A Slinger woman has been arrested for disorderly conduct — accused of tossing her cat out of her vehicle.

It happened on Friday, August 28th.

Officials with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office say the 58-year-old woman became upset at the Washington County Humane Society after learning there would be a fee to have her cat put down.

Sheriff’s officials say the woman got into a physical altercation with some employees, and then tossed the cat out of her vehicle before leaving.

The cat was in a crate at the time, and wasn’t injured, according to Humane Society officials.

However, the cat was put down due to other ailments.


  • Ash

    Poor cat. It’s unfair to the cat that it’s last day in life was so hectic. Shame on the “humane” society for charging the fee, which ultimately led to this cat being thrown out of a car’s window. If someone had said, okay, we’ll do it no charge this once, then maybe the cat wouldn’t have had to endure that trauma. They saw her getting upset, and maybe that had to do with her knowing her cat had to be killed/ re: euthanized/ re “put to sleep,” and maybe she would’ve been less upset if they had said they would do it no charge due to her circumstances. But shame on the owner for being a crass, inhumane idiot. I hope you get charged with SOMETHING, you idiot who doesn’t deserve to have owned that cat.

    The cat is definitely better off.

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