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Fox Lake, IL schools closed Wednesday after officer killed; manhunt ongoing for 3 suspects

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FOX LAKE, Illinois -- Investigators combed neighborhoods north of Chicago on Tuesday, September 1st in a massive manhunt for three suspects accused of shooting dead a police officer -- and the search continued into Tuesday night.

Officers in heavy gear, with K-9 partners and others on horseback, kept looking for the men police said shot Lt. Joe Gliniewicz earlier in the day.

This, as the Fox Lake Grade School District 114 announced on its website Stanton Middle School & Lotus Elementary School will be closed on Wednesday, September 2nd "due to the ongoing police activity."

Lt. Joe Gliniewicz

The shooting happened about 10 minutes before 8:00 a.m., after Lt. Gliniewicz sent word over his radio that he was pursuing three suspects on foot, Lake County Sheriff's Sgt. Christopher Covelli said.

Radio communication dropped off and backup officers were sent. They found the officer with a gunshot wound.

Gliniewicz worked for Fox Lake Police, a community of about 60,000 people in Lake County, about 60 miles north of Chicago. He was a married father of four.

"Today, not only did Fox Lake lose a family member, I lost a very dear friend," Fox Lake Mayor Donny Schmit said.

"He loved his community and loved his job, and he will be very sorely missed in this community," said Catherine "Kay" Starostovic, Grant Township supervisor.

Lt. Joe Gliniewicz

Lt. Joe Gliniewicz

"Many residents here knew him as GI Joe and knew him as someone deeply committed to Fox Lake, the profession and his fellow officers," Mayor Schmit said.

Gliniewicz is the 24th law enforcement official to be shot to death in the line of duty this year.

The hunt for the suspects in this case -- described by Covelli as two white men and one black man -- put at least four schools on lockdown and left people barricaded in their homes in Lake County, Illinois.

Covelli told CNN on Tuesday afternoon that an earlier report that one suspect was in custody was inaccurate.

More than 12 hours after the fatal shooting, the manhunt was still ongoing.

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Lt. Joe Gliniewicz

Lt. Joe Gliniewicz

"I've never seen anything like this in Fox Lake. I've heard the opposite. Officers in Fox Lake have never even had to pull their weapons," said one resident of Fox Lake that spoke with FOX6's Myra Sanchick.

Law enforcement on foot and in helicopters were combing the area, according to the sheriff.

Canine units have also been dispatched. U.S Marshal officials and agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are assisting.

Those from the area say the search zone is wooded, marshy and has a creek -- conditions some worried would become more challenging as it got dark Tuesday night.

No-fly zone over search area

Residents have been asked to remain inside their homes and businesses, officials said.

"We asked residents to report any suspicious activity they happen to see, whether they think it's something minor or major and to keep an eye out for these three individuals," Covelli said.

The Federal Aviation Administration has issued a no-fly zone that covers two nautical miles over the search area.

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Some residents on Tuesday gathered near the search zone to show support for law enforcement officials.

Devan Arbay says he knew Gliniewicz for four years, and met him through the Fox Lake Law Enforcement Explorers Post -- a program for teens.

Gliniewicz was the advisor.

"When I first met him, he was a very dedicated and enthused person. Once I heard the news that it was him and my school, it was in a lockdown, I immediately burst into tears. I couldn` was unbearable," Arbay said.

Arbay says he considered Gliniewicz a mentor, and he says Gliniewicz will continue to inspire him.

"He loved his job. He truly didn`t work a day in his life and that`s how much he loved his job. This truly encourages me to do more and do better for my community and definitely serve justice for Lt. Gliniewicz," Arbay said.

The Illinois Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) issued the following statement on this incident:

"Today the Fraternal Order of Police lost a fellow member and brother who died heroically serving his community. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the slain officer's family, friends and fellow police officers. He leaves a legacy of several decades of service to Fox Lake for which we are humbly grateful. This is the very real danger that all law enforcement officials knowingly face every day when they put on the badge and go out to protect all of us. We pledge to honor his memory by continuing to protect and serve the citizens of Illinois, and hope that those responsible can be quickly apprehended without further bloodshed and brought to justice."

Monitor FOX6 News and for updates on this developing story.

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  • Brisls

    And our president has taken the stand and demanded these cop killings STOP. You haven’t heard that either have you? Sad that those who are required to protect him & his family can’t even count on him to stand up for them. How many more police will be killed before we get a leader who will give the cops more protection.

    • Janice

      You sound so angry, typical liberal non American response, actually you are the one who is beyond stupid. You’re a minority? A foreigner lol

      You need to understand American History before you start commenting on topics you don’t know and don’t know what your talking about… You’re so stupid – feeding into and believing Liberal B.S.

    • BarryMGoodin

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  • DeezPistachios

    The president said it all needed to stop. So do the killings of unarmed people.
    Police need to stop thinking shoot first. Go back to the days of actually fighting and stop being punk thugs who have to shoot everyone.

  • chris

    Time for the police to start shooting thugs regardless of race. Get rid of the politicians question everything the police do. Killing thugs shouldn’t even be a crime.

  • Carlette thomas

    Guns in the wrong hands is the problem. I believe people should be able to protect themselves. Take away guns and your only taking them away from the good guys because criminal’s are always going to get them like the way they do now.

    • Kristina

      Its because the goverment wants to control everyone.. Take guns away from people to defend themselves and that should fix the problem correct? NO! The bad guys will get guns regardless. Too bad someone couldn’t shot these fools!

  • Vicki and Bob Kellerhals

    This is an tragic senseless killing of a peace officer just doing his job to protect his community and this has to stop. We have seen many to crutify them for just that and no real stand from our president to end this totally lack of respect and concern for those who serve us and try to protect us, without these brave men and women we would be in a sorry world and I also blame the parents who cannot or will not teach their children mutual respect for others. These police officers like you work hard to make a difference unfortunally we have people out there that have no respect for themselves let alone for another human being let alone any compassion for anyone that is not in their world. I believe in karma and one day they will pay for thier irresponsible actions and God will also have a hand in their punishment. We need to have more support for our police officers not hostile redrick coming from obviously people who care only about themselves. I feel that this generation has no direction so they lash out where and when they can, certainly they have not ever been through any hardship like slavery or deprived of anything other than their own making or maybe I should say their not making. Any person who has been thru hardships would show more direction and compassion for others. God Bless this officer Charles and all other innocent peace officers doing no more than trying to do their job.

  • hunter

    you are an idiot bush has been out of office for 7 years , so you are making a point , that obama is not doing his job!

  • richard cranium

    are you really blaming the the anti-police attitude of the thugs in this country on bush? wow, you are a clown who obviously didn’t make it past 4th grade in mps. now you’re a gwen moore/obama entitlement turd.

  • Mitch

    You won’t see this splashing around the airwaves like a tidal wave because it doesn’t involve a police officer killing someone….let’s not forget there is still trash out there and good officers who do care and make a difference….I hope these three pieces of trash are taken out very soon.


  • WTH Is On

    Start immediate executions of all inmates with more than 3 violent felonies. Watch the crime rate drop. You won’t catch anyone spitting on the sidewalk either.

  • Z

    Amazing how our lowlife President will make nationally televised statements in regards to thugs, looters, and criminals but not a single word about law enforcement officers.

    The silence says it all.

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