Teen kills himself while taking gun selfie

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HOUSTON -- A 19-year-old Houston man, a day ahead of starting community college, accidentally killed himself Tuesday while taking selfies with a gun, police said

The gun blast hit Deleon Alonso Smith in the throat, CNN affiliate KPRC reported.

Family members were shocked.

"It's the worst feeling in my life," Eric Douglas, the victim's uncle said.

"It's a numb feeling. It's still unbelievable," Smith's grandmother Alma Douglas told the station. "Yesterday was my birthday and he came to wish me happy birthday, and then to hear this kind of news."

Investigator's told KPRC that Smith's cousin was in another room at the time the gun went off.

The cousin told police they found the gun earlier in the day. They're investigating.


  • hard working taxpayer

    Incidences like this is why untrained, unlicensed persons shouldn’t be touching handguns. It is a sad situation. Reminiscent of the girl who accidentally shot that trainer at the gun range. Both avoidable. A selfie with a college degree in your hand would impress me more that a selfie with a gun.

    • ErikADecoteau

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  • Andrew

    Problem with young males is putting on a persona of being tough. He probably watches a lot of tmz. Which I think is a horrible show. (Promotes celebrity stupidity which a lot of people probably look up to them) Anyways horrible accident! Prayers go out for the family.

  • Fred

    I have to agree totally with what you are saying. Simply put, this is a cultural issue that can only be fixed by addressing the root cause of the problem, which is parenting, or lack of actually. If these kids have the proper guidance at home it will translate to making them contributing members of society. I don’t want to hear about the single mother BS – there are plenty of single mothers out there doing a great job raising kids…..

    • Peter

      A lot of parents are just as lost as their children. A lot of parents have to work so many hours to properly take care of their children that they are totally absent from the home… Society and particularly the media is raising our children…

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