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Unease among law enforcement: “Every cop in America is looking over their shoulder”

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FOX LAKE, Illinois -- Three suspects remain on the lam, and while authorities continue to look for them in connection with a Fox Lake, Illinois policeman's death, the search has been called off in the immediate area where Lt. Joe Gliniewicz was slain, police said Wednesday, September 2nd.

Lt. Joe Gliniewicz

Lt. Joe Gliniewicz

Gliniewicz is the 24th law enforcement official to be shot to death this year -- and this latest incident comes amid growing concern for officers, who risk their lives every day in an effort to help us and keep us safe.

FOX6 News spoke with a former officer and a future one -- both equally concerned about these recent events and what they could mean for law enforcement officials moving forward.

The suspects in the shooting death of Lt. Gliniewicz -- two white men and one black man -- may have left town, or even the state, Lake County Major Crime Task Force Commander George Filenko said Wednesday.

Their races were the only description gleaned from the "initial radio traffic" between Gliniewicz and dispatchers, he said.

Lt. Joe Gliniewicz

Lt. Joe Gliniewicz

The recordings show a seemingly laid back conversation between Gliniewicz and dispatchers prior to his death.

Dispatcher: "Do you need a second unit?"

Gliniewicz: "Negative."

But then came radio silence from the officer.

Dispatcher: "Have you made contact with your officer?"

The response to that question was "negative" -- but seconds later -- "officer down."

Lt. Gliniewicz is the 24th officer to be shot and killed in the line of duty this year.

Memorial for Fox Lake Lt. Joe Gliniewicz

Memorial for Fox Lake Lt. Joe Gliniewicz

"What you're seeing is law enforcement officers being targeted and being shot and being killed when they're not responding to a crime -- which is very troubling," Brian Dorow said.

Dorow is the dean of Criminal Justice and Homeland Security at Waukesha County Technical College. It is part of his job to track these trends -- but he's not the only one taking notice.

"It impacts people`s perceptions of how they feel about law enforcement," Dorow said.

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn on "FOX and Friends"

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn on "FOX and Friends"

That perception is being addressed nationally. Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn weighed in on FOX and Friends on Wednesday morning.

"Every cop in America is looking over their shoulder right now. There`s no doubt about it. They don`t believe America has got their back," Chief Flynn said.

It's also being discussed in the classroom at Waukesha County Technical College.

"The last few years it's turned from cops being the good guys to cops being the awful people and in reality it's not true. We`re still the good guys," Jordan Cooper said.

Jordan Cooper (studying to be a police officer)

Jordan Cooper (studying to be a police officer)

Cooper says "we" because at 19, he knows he wants to be a police officer -- even despite the recent events. Or maybe, partially because of the recent events.

"It scares me a little bit to know that something could happen to me like that. I just want to help people. That`s what I want to do. I know being a police officer, that`s what they do every day," Cooper said.

The three suspects wanted in connection with Gliniewicz's death in Fox Lake haven't been located.

This, after investigators marked off a two-square-mile area across tricky terrain and brought in helicopters, canine units, federal agents, night-vision equipment and body-heat sensors. Police cleared every home in the cordoned-off area, while fielding more than 100 tips.

The tips are arriving via phone calls and social media from all over the nation, and from as far away as England and Australia, he said, encouraging the public to continue reporting anything suspicious.

Authorities are in talks with the federal government about a potential reward for information leading to the arrests of Gliniewicz's killers.

Meanwhile, a vigil for Gliniewicz is scheduled for 6:00 p.m. Wednesday at Fox Lake's Lakefront Park.

Memorial for Fox Lake Lt. Joe Gliniewicz

Memorial for Fox Lake Lt. Joe Gliniewicz


  • Elf

    The police keep order in society. We must rally behind LE and protest against the hands up and black lies crowd as they are nothing but domestic terrorists and feed on the notion that the police are the cause of their poverty. NO, It’s the fatherless children that become felons at a young age. It’s the quality of life enforcement that NY pd is prohibited from doing because of a stupid liberal agenda mayor that pleases the lefty communist thugs. Time to take our country back from the slime. Vote republican and vote only once.

  • Tracey F Mielky

    There are no invisible wabbit’s , no killers on the loose ! get a grip on reality ! statistic’s show police killed on duty is at the lowest ever in history ! However law enforcement is at the greatest risk for P.T.S.D ! google it ! all facts there ! suicide among the police is very high ! The probability that 3 perpetrators weaved through a gauntlet of atf, fbi, swat , under a hundred k9’s , hundreds of officers is Hollywood ! just not possible under anyone’s watch ! citizens have the police officers back ! they always have, nothing has changed ! this is a 32 year veteran that new his way around forensic conflict and doubt ! chill out there are no citizens out after cops , that’s totally fabricated non-truth ! if your that scared and keyed maybe a change is do, park ranger? count tree;s or geese ! the fox lake suicide is a example of job stress ! cobra co-pay medical insurance making it impossible for most to retire. the multiple declined job applications submitted by -victim- is a good indication he was up against the financial threshold of the above factors , medical -cobra- policy carried over from job to retirement , family of six is almost $700 bucks a month , retiring on less than 3/4 pay through IMRF gives a pretty good understanding of this in whole. the chase for these perpetrators is simply not a logical theory , even on the twilight zone …. the majority of tax paying, voting home owners in the country back there police except in situations of cover ups like say –peeping toms , police brutality then these same citizens go through proper channels to get new duly sworn officers with better code of ethics. Nobody after police , geeze , stop already with that, its ridiculously absurd !

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