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Breaking tradition: Brewers reschedule fan appreciation night; Chicago Cubs may be to blame

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MILWAUKEE -- Brewers fans deserve some appreciation. However, there are some changes to fan appreciation night and the Chicago Cubs may to be to blame for a shift in tradition.

Needless to say, this has been a tough year at Miller Park.

"I can't even say it's been a roller coaster, because they pretty much hit bottom in a hurry," a Brewers fan said.

The Brewers have rarely sizzled this season.

"They lost all nine games I've been here," said fan Dan Lathrop.

Going into a Thursday game (September 3rd) against the Pirates, Milwaukee is 28 1/2 games out of first place.

But in the parking lot, fans were still smiling.

"We would have come here regardless," said Rebecca Brown who celebrated her birthday at the park.

It's the kind of dedication that has the team rewarding the faithful. Each fall, on the last home stand of the year, the Brewers hold a fan appreciation night. Traditionally, the team hands out prizes like a new car, and signed gear. This season there's a dilemma, thanks to who is on the schedule: The dreaded Chicago Cubs.



"They all come up here thinking they own the place," said fan Rachel Evanow.

"They come here in droves," said another.

Brewers fans can't stomach the idea of Cubs fans walking away with prizes intended for them.

"I hate the Cubs. The Cubs suck," said Evanow.

And the Brewers agree -- they're breaking tradition and fan appreciation night is being moved two weeks earlier, to September 19th, against the last place Cincinnati Reds.

Brewers fans say breaking tradition this year is worth it.



"The Cubs fans are just not very friendly people," a Brewers fan said.

While they won't end up on top, there is hope there are still wins worth cheering for.

In a statement, the Brewers say this was a common sense decision. The Cubs are in playoff race, and their fans will likely be in Milwaukee in droves.

Also, the team says there has been advanced sales for the 19th. They also won't compete with the Packers game.

So tell your Illinois friends to come on up and spend all of their money here! They just won't be walking away with a car meant for us.

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  • Cub fan Brian

    I got an idea… Instead if crying about how you hate cubs fans, how about you actually keep your tickets and not sell them to us! Its called Wrigley North for a reason! Sorry your hime town fans cant handle the local rivals coming to town.

    • Wilson

      brian, the cubs aren’t going anywhere in the playoffs this year. They will bow out right away and will have plenty of time to cry about it during the off season coming up with plenty of excuses. The curse is alive and well and will continue for decades to come.

  • Brewers Fan

    My family & I will never go to another Game vs the Cubs as their fans are a bunch of drunk, obnoxious & immature people. Foul language in the family sections is also common.

    • Randy

      That’s because of the proximity of Milwaukee to the Chicago burbs. you are going to get the spoiled burb fans. There are plenty of cordial rural Cub fans, not to mention throughout the county, who don’t go to miller park because A) It’s not even remotely close to the Wrigley Field ballpark and neighborhood experience (restrooms excluded) and B) It’s too far to drive.

  • estyles

    Hey, I’m a Cub fan and I’m very friendly! I also enjoy going to Miller Park to take in a game against pretty much any other team and root for the Brewers (though it’s been a few years since I’ve been able to make it). Not all Cub fans are jerks. (Though I do remember leaving a Cubs-Brewers game where I wore my Cubs hat and my wife wore my Brewers hat and drunk idiots taunted her about the Cubs win on the way out… but we’re not ALL those idiots.)

    • Bob Veselik

      Estyles I agree with you and I am a Brewers fan. My friends and I have gone to Wrigley all decked out in Brewers gear .We have sat in the bleachers and never have a problem.There is plenty of harmless ribbing going on and then after the game we all go over to the Cubby Bear and party. It’s fun,but there is a totally different breed of Cub fans that come up to Milwaukee.I don’t know if it is people that can,t for some reason get in to Wrigley or what the problem is. I will not go to Brewer VS Cubs game at Miller Park just to avoid the BS.

  • Mark Brookshire

    Milwaukee Brewers changing date for Fan Appreciation is a scam to sell more tickets. The Brewer organization is dishonest. I haven’t felt so disappointed in baseball since the Braves moved and came back to baseball only after the Brewers signed Hank Aaron. Have gone to multiple games every year after that, with this annocement no more

    • Bob Veselik

      Wow!!!! That happened back in 1965…Get over it!!! I grew up forced to watch the Cubs or the White Sox. Guess what I survived and became a Brewers fan when they came to Milwaukee. If at anytime this team was dishonest was when the Selig family owned it. What has Mark Attanasio done that is dishonest? So they move the game to benefit the Milwaukee fans. What is the matter is it on a night now that you can’t attend. Get a life!

  • brittney

    i like how the cubs fan tries to flip the script & make it about not ‘handling’ the rivals. we just don’t choose to ‘handle’ their immature behavior.

  • Candy Doogan

    As a Cub Fan and fan of baseball, We love to visit ballparks around the country. To be honest, the Brewer fans are the fans who have been the most offensive. I have had a drink thrown at me for NO reason except that the Cubs were playing well. Its a game. Its a game that most Americans love. Don’t ruin it for everyone. That is bad sportsmenship.

  • Ronan Patel

    Lose some games and break tradition, that’s how it goes right? Fan appreciation night should be the last week of the season as it always has been. It gives fans something to look forward to next season but basically the Brewers are saying don’t come to the game, because they’re expecting and even planning on catering to Cubs fans the last week of baseball in Milwaukee. I have tickets and ill be there rooting against the Cubs. The Brewers goal should be to get these tickets into the hands of locals/Brewers fans, not change tradition because your rival is in town. I’d love to see the white sox do something like this. Ha. #smallmarketproblems #smallmarketsolutions

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