Could Fox Lake suspects be in Wisconsin? Kenosha Co. sheriff says: “Our department’s on standby”

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FOX LAKE, Illinois/KENOSHA, Wisconsin -- We are now in day three of a massive manhunt for three suspects in the death of Fox Lake Police Lt. Joe Gliniewicz. Gliniewicz was shot and killed on Tuesday morning, September 1st after he saw three suspicious people. As the search for suspects continues, one Wisconsin agency says it's on standby to help out if need be.

Lt. Joe Gliniewicz

Lt. Joe Gliniewicz

Lt. Gliniewicz made the first call at 7:52 a.m. Tuesday -- and called three minutes later to request backup. The backup units arrived at 8:01 and found their fellow officer dead, roughly 50 yards from his vehicle, at 8:09, Filenko said.

Authorities initially marked off a 2-square-mile area across tricky terrain and brought in helicopters, K-9 units, federal agents, night-vision equipment and body-heat sensors. Police cleared every home in the cordoned-off area and fielded more than 100 tips, Filenko said.

On Wednesday, they widened the search area.

But so far, no suspects have been taken into custody.

Search for suspects in shooting death of Fox Lake officer

Search for suspects in shooting death of Fox Lake officer

Just across the border, the Kenosha County Sheriff's Department is keeping a close eye on the search for the suspects in this case.

A patrol supervisor from Kenosha County was sent to the Fox Lake, Illinois area on Tuesday.

On Thursday, Lake County Major Crime Task Force commander George Filenko said footage from a home security video system has been turned over to a Department of Homeland Security office -- and police hope to learn what it shows soon.

"We have retrieved ... what we believe to be some significant video," Filenko said. "Until we review it, we're not confirming whether these are the same people that we're talking about."

That development comes after authorities spent hours searching in and around Volo, Illinois on Wednesday night and into the early morning Thursday.

Police presence in Volo, Illinois

Police presence in Volo, Illinois

On Wednesday night, an Illinois woman sent 100 officers scrambling after saying she saw two men who fit the description of the cop killers police have been looking for. But after hours of searching, police said, they discovered she had made the whole story up.

Kristin Kiefer

Kristin Kiefer

She is now facing charges -- and the search for the suspects in Lt. Gliniewicz's death continues.

There is concern that the suspect could have headed north after the shooting -- possibly crossing the border into Wisconsin.

Kenosha County is 12 miles from Fox Lake, Illinois.

"We put out extra patrols in our area. We actually had the tactical teams out riding in our area, especially along the state line just in case anyone saw anything that concerned them," Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth said.

Sheriff Beth says his department has taken calls from Wisconsin residents who reported seeing things they thought were suspicious.

Deputies have followed up on all of these calls.

Kenosha County Sheriff's Department

Earlier this week, Kenosha schools were placed under what's called a 'soft lockdown.' Kids stayed inside for recess and were watched as they walked to buses.

Sheriff Beth says there's no reason to believe the Fox Lake suspects are in Wisconsin -- but Kenosha's close proximity to Fox Lake makes it a possibility they could be.

"If some situation were to occur, our department really is on standby to put out as many resources as we would need to -- so everyone's aware they may be called in the very near future if they need to be," Sheriff Beth said.

Kenosha County saw its own officer-involved shooting death eight years ago.

Kenosha County Sheriff's deputy Frank Fabiano was shot and killed during a routine traffic stop -- and a suspect was convicted in this case.