James Methu announces candidacy for mayor of Milwaukee: “Segregation has stifled growth in the city”

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MILWAUKEE -- There is a new candidate in the race for mayor in Milwaukee.

James Methu announced his candidacy on Thursday, September 3rd.

Methu was raised in Milwaukee, and he says he sees violence in the city as the biggest problem. There have been 105 homicides in Milwaukee this year.

Methu says he lost a cousin to gun violence, and his younger brother has also been shot.

He believes a lot of the violence is a result of segregation in the city -- and he has a plan for uniting everyone, no matter their race.

"Segregation has stifled growth here in the city of Milwaukee. As mayor, I'll make sure that we unite every single community with systematic interactions. We are a city of neighborhoods, but it's time for these neighborhoods to unite," Methu said.

Methu says he supports a gun buy back program to get illegal guns off the street.

Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan and Alderman Joe Davis have already announced they will also be running for mayor.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is running for re-election.


  • Petey

    Yeah, a gun buy-back program…let’s steal more guns so we can sell em to the city. How’s that workin fer ya? Also, the city is segregated for a reason. Most folks, Hispanic, white, Asian, Indian don’t have a desire to live in black communities due to the violence & crime, whether it’s perceived or real.

  • Brandon

    Well when is someone going to create harsher punishments and increase Police presence and clean up the drugs, gang violence, shootings, stealing and over drinking problems. The Black community had been like this for decades and decades. I hope there is someone who gets in leadership who actually cares enough to fix these problems in the black community and lack of resources and opportunities.

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