Update: 9/11 event honoring Confederate flag in Sheb. Co. cancelled; organizer working to reschedule

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SHEYBOYGAN -- A man who was organizing an event set for September 11th in which the Confederate flag would be honored has now cancelled the event. This, as he seeks a new permit for the event, and works to reschedule it.

FOX6 News talked with Kenny Stib about his plans last week.

Since then, Stib says he has cancelled the event originally scheduled for September 11th -- moving the event to a later date and time.

The new date and time haven't yet been released.

Some people in the community were upset to learn about the event.

Confederate flag

Confederate flag

"It's a great community to be a part of," said Danika Williamson.

That's why Williamson was so ticked about what Stib had planned for one of America's most sacred days.

"It's like they are trying to erase history, like it never happened," said Stib.

Kenny Stib

Kenny Stib

Stib was organizing a parade of vehicles through Sheboygan to not only remember the victims who died on September 11th, 2001, but also to honor a symbol some believe represents a "dark" period in our nation's history.

"Basically, by putting them all together, you don't have to do separate marches for them," Stib said.

Flags in Kenny Stib's yard

Flags in Kenny Stib's yard

There are flags flying in Stib's front yard -- Confederate flags, American flags, and 9/11 flags.

Through Facebook, Stib was urging people who feel the same way he does to gather in the parking lot next to a Hobby Lobby store on 9/11. The flags would then be placed on his vehicle and others as the group made their way through Sheboygan County.

"We're not going to stand down from our nation's history. We're going to stand up and represent it and keep it in our history," said Stib.

Again -- the event set for September 11th has now been cancelled. Stib says he's working to reschedule the event.


Confederate flag

Confederate flag



  • 2ECOND

    “They Sheboygan Police Department is also looking into the gathering.” why? is it because its not a black lives matter march? this country is in fine shape these days. (sarcasm)

    • Peter

      The FBI is investigating black lives matter activists…. Too many dumb Americans are convinced they’re intelligent….

  • Al P

    Why will this divide the community when they are honoring both flags and 911??? If you take an honest and I mean honest survey of people you will find a majority of them were against taking down the confederate flag. Bring back our freedoms and get Washington D.C. out of our lives. Maybe the media ought to focus on how race relations are in this country since 7 years ago. There are much bigger problems in this country than flying the confederate flag but the politicians can’t do anything about them so instead they keep taking away our freedoms which we can’t do anything about. Does health insurance ring a bell???

  • 1stWisconsin

    It should be as legal to fly the flag as it is to call someone a tool who does so. If you’re going to go waving it around shouting about history though read up on Sheboygan County’s own history. Go to any old graveyard in the county and you’ll find young men who died fighting people with that flag. That’s a bigger part of Sheboygan’s History than honoring the stars and bars is.

      • Philip Henry Sheridan

        Better than celebrating one of the great moral and military failures of history. Right and justice prevailed, and unity preserved. Deciding to take up arms for a lost cause as a Virginian was a mistake, and a shame upon you and your home state. Learn the lesson, embrace propriety, and be rectified. Be a genuine and allegiant patriot.

  • JackP

    I see this guy with this truck driving around all the time. He is constantly drag racing people and doing burn outs on residential streets going 50+ in a 25 zone. The last time I saw him there was a huge plume of white smoke behind him and covered two blocks in a fog for 10 minutes. He’s doing a whole heck of a lot to paint a wonderful picture of these people.

    • Samantha Jentsch

      Yeah, but people who jonor the stars and stripes do the same thing! Not everybody is the same. He still values the meaning behind that flag which is a hell of a lot more important to him than it is to you or me. It’s a free country, at least for now it still is. He is exercising his First Amendment rights without infringing upon others. Do I necessarilly approve of what he is doing? No, but I am fully supportive of his rights.

  • CommonSense

    Naysayers of the Confederate Flag associate it with just ‘hate’. Forget that is symbolizes STATES RIGHTS, including the right to secede from The Union if a state does not agree with federal policies. One more thing…500,000 AMERICANS DIED UNDER THE CONFEDERATE FLAG. FORGET IT–REPEAT IT…dolts.

    • Breanna

      Union Civil War Casualties: Combat Deaths: Over 110,000; Other Deaths*: Over 250,000
      Confederate Civil War Casualties: Combat Deaths: Over 95,000; Other Deaths*: Over 165,000
      The North lost more people fighting in that war than the south. And the North won. Get over it. It’s disrespectful to honor the Confederate flag in the North where that many soldiers died fighting against it!

      • Philip Henry Sheridan

        Lee, you know well enough what the flag represents and the Confederate waywardness with which it is associated. If you want to honor the south, at least do it with a modicum of honor and truthfulness.

  • chris

    Funny how democrats are the ones against the Confederate Flag when they were the ones against the 13th Amendment and did not want slavery abolished. Can we ban the rainbow flag and pull BET off the air after the newscaster shootings? After all fair is fair.

    • Jokeenthusiast

      While that is technically true, you obviously don’t know much about the history of political parties since then. Both parties haven’t been static, they have changed quite a bit in the past 150 years. Demographically, regionally, and politically they are both very different than back then. Do a little research before you comment, you’d look a lot less ignorant.

  • Wilson

    Kenny R. Stib, DOB 5-14-86 has 5 felony convictions to his credit and too many misdemeanor convictions to count. Just a typical low-life loser from sheboygan that belongs in jail. Lock him up so his cellmate can stick the confererate flag up his *ss……

      • Philip Henry Sheridan

        With any intelligence, you would recognize Wilson’s comment as an expressed desire for just retribution, and with any charity, you might recognize the desire for Stib to be coached to a necessary repentance. A pedagogic punishment might be a just desert for yourself as well. Such a desire is not sick, but rather a symptom of a healthy and robust ethical center. What is truly diseased is the defense and celebration of a baleful and misshapen pride in a culture which was willing to rend a nation and spill pools of blood to protect the right to own other men. Slavery is a malignant sickness, the desire to see slavers and their advocates punished is not.

  • hard working taxpayer

    Only in Sheboygan. People are concerned about distractions while driving (me included) and here you have this truck: lift kit, probably loud exhaust, and all these flags blowing in the wind. I think anyone has a right to fly whatever flag they want on their vehicle in a parade, in their yard, or on the property of the business they own. On government/public property is a bit more touchy: God forbid you “offend” anyone. “WELCOME TO AMERICA, LAND OF THE BLAND”.

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