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Chief Flynn: Officers being targeted nationwide like never before due to rise in crime, weak gun laws

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MILWAUKEE --  With the fatal shooting of a northern Illinois police officer last Tuesday, September 1st, the number of U.S. law enforcement officers shot to death this year rose to 24, according to CNN. The number of officers killed in the line of duty year-to-year is actually trending downward, but Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn says he believes officers are being targeted in a way they haven't been before. He spoke about that on FOX News Sunday morning, September 6th.

Chief Flynn says this is in part related to a rise in violent crime and weaker gun laws.

Lt. Joe Gliniewicz

Lt. Joe Gliniewicz

Fox Lake Lt. Joe Gliniewicz was shot and killed on Tuesday morning, September 1st. Gliniewicz radioed in that he was pursuing three suspects on foot before being shot shortly before 8:00 a.m.

Police have been looking for three suspects since the shooting, and this weekend, a $50,000 reward was announced in this case.

Additionally, officials have established an FBI hotline and website for tips.

"There are some concerning issues," Chief Flynn said Sunday on FOX News.


Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn on FOX News

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn on FOX News

Flynn says he believes some of the growing anti-police rhetoric stems from what he calls relentless propaganda.

"It`s been most distressing to watch them try to link six or eight questionable video recordings of police misconduct and turn that into a national narrative of what the state of police and community relations are. It`s a false construct and a dangerous one," Flynn said.

Flynn says police and community relations are actually better than what's perceived.

"One of the great myths is that there is a dramatic breakdown of trust between the people at the grassroots level and their police. Our reality is day, after day, after day, our cops are out there in those neighborhoods -- not just literally protecting people with their lives, but in those meetings, organizing communities, listening to their problems and proving the services they want," Chief Flynn said.

Fatal shooting near 38th and Lloyd

Fatal shooting near 38th and Lloyd

Chief Flynn also addressed the 76% increase in Milwaukee's homicide rate. There have been 106 homicides in Milwaukee so far this year.

The latest homicide occurred on Saturday night, September 5th.

Police say a 24-year-old man was shot and killed near 38th and Lloyd. It happened after police say the victim was gambling with a group of people in an alley around 8:00 p.m. — when a fight broke out that ended with gunfire.

"What we are seeing right now is the same percent of the criminal population, which is six to nine percent, is driving this crime rate -- but a number of us have suffered from recently weakened gun laws, which have made it much easier for our criminals to gain access to firearms," Chief Flynn said.

Milwaukee was recently featured in The New York Times as the city with the largest rise in murders in the United States.


  • Petey

    WEAL GUN LAWS? Are you insane? The cities with with the toughest gun laws have some of the highest gun crime. So, show me that the killings with guns are due to law abiding citizens committing the crimes. SHOW ME THE STATS!

  • hatchet

    Oh yeah that 18 year old thug is really gonna abide by stricter gun buying laws chief. Really? How about this law. You illegally possess a firearm and commit a crime you get life. How does that sound? Or is it your intention to strictly make it harder for law abiding citizens to acquire guns that have permits? See we all know that is your real intention. Street criminals don’t care about gun laws! They don’t care about permits or licenses. How about tougher consequences for the criminals instead of probation when they should get 25 years. Meanwhile were all buying guns left and right to protect ourselves from what you can’t protect us from and that is repeat violent criminals who are being turned back out on the streets because of ridiculously weak laws and sentences handed down by the courts. Even a dull tool in the shed can see the problem here. What happened to you commit the crime you do the time?

    • molon labe

      It’ll stop when the inner city folks get edumacated and stop producing open mouth havin’ dumbass animals that just roam around the streets with their buddies intimidating and up to no good. What else are they gonna do? You wake up, get stoned, go walk around with your 9 and then wait for ish to start. Kids having kids with no morals or idea of how a society is supposed to work. They’ll learn the true meaning of what saggy pants mean…lolzz OPEN FOR BUSINESS…..

  • Jim

    Chief, you of all people should be aware that Police have no duty to “protect” any of us. Gun laws in this country bound in a book would be thicker than the IRS tax code.
    The lack of self respect equals no respect for anyone else, that’s why people can kill anyone indiscriminately.

  • Guest

    It has nothing to do with gun laws other than the fact that cops won’t go after the thugs with the guns,here’s an idea,quit spending your time going after speeders and j walkers,go after the real criminals.The cops need to sweep the ghettos,confiscate all illegal weapons,including knives,and lock up the already convicted felons that have these weapons.Stop blaming guns and make the thugs take responsibility for their crimes.

  • molon labe

    Hey genius! Gun control laws and no weapons signs have no effect on the crazy since the killer is bent on committing a publicly visible murder and is thus unlikely to be much deterred by gun control law, or sign posted on a window by the prospect of encountering an armed bystander.

  • molon labe

    Gun control laws and no weapons signs have no effect on the crazy since the killer is bent on committing a publicly visible murder and is thus unlikely to be much deterred by gun control law, or sign posted on a window by the prospect of encountering an armed bystander.

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