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Hillary Clinton to make campaign stop in Milwaukee Thursday evening

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MILWAUKEE -- Hillary Clinton will be in Milwaukee on Thursday, September 10th for a "Women for Hillary" grassroots organizing meeting at UW-Milwaukee, her campaign says.

In a statement issued to FOX6 News, campaign officials said this about the event:

"During the event, Clinton will discuss her record of fighting for women and families. As president, Clinton will protect funding for Planned Parenthood, and will fight Republican efforts to take away women’s right to basic healthcare like affordable birth control.

She will fight to ensure all workers receive paid leave, allowing them to take time off for a new baby or to care for a sick relative without losing their paycheck or their job. And she will fight to ensure that women receive equal pay. This will strengthen America’s families by helping women and their families get ahead."

Members of the public interested in attending Thursday's event can sign up here.

Doors open at 4:00 p.m., and the program will begin at 5:30 p.m. at UWM's Spaights Plaza.

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In advance of Hillary Clinton's visit to Milwaukee, the Republican National Committee issued this statement:

“Hillary Clinton has a habit of contradicting pro-women words with anti-women actions. Not only did Clinton pay women less in her own Senate office, but her foundation gladly accepts money from foreign countries that don’t respect women’s rights.” – Allison Moore, RNC spokeswoman

Additionally, Republican Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch is criticizing Hillary Clinton as someone who can't be trusted ahead of the Democratic presidential candidate's first visit to Wisconsin since announcing her 2016 campaign.

Speaking in suburban Milwaukee Thursday morning, Kleefisch said Clinton was "a name from the past" and cast Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, a GOP presidential candidate, as the future.

Kleefisch renewed GOP criticism against the former secretary of state over the deadly 2012 terror attacks on a U.S. compound in Benghazi, Libya.

She also pounced on Clinton's use of a non-government email server to conduct government business, calling Clinton's recent explanations "silly excuses."

Clinton's campaign didn't immediately return messages seeking comment on Kleefisch's remarks. Clinton has said it was a mistake to use personal email to conduct some government business.


  • yo adrian

    As stated before, she is not a presidential in any way shape or form, Clearly what has she accomplished as a statesperson to warrant being in the oval office and still needs to address that national security was put at risk becuase of her bungling.

  • Brisls

    This city has to pay to protect her??? She left this country’s security open when she used an unprotected server then has the gall to lie to us about it. She doesn’t stand up for women’s rights, has proven that. I hope the women who waste their time to listen to her tripe will be smart enough NOT TO VOTE FOR HER.

  • chickenpitspecial

    i eard that the reason she was frequently using her personal email account vs her government issued one is cause she was spending lots of time ordering fancy, expensive cuban cigars for bill and charging them to the IRS. wonder what he is using them all for? mmmmmm

  • Fred

    The simple fact that she denied additional security resources for the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi should be enough to tell the public how she thinks. She is not even considered in my book as a candidate.

  • MPS Matriculator

    All the women studies granola eating liberal hags will be lining up for this one. I hope they don’t have a significant other male in the home after they get back from their rally, Male likely to get beaten hard and for just being a male and not cowering to their feminist demands.

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