Assembly Speaker Robin Vos says he’s not pursuing open records changes

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Robin Vos

MADISON — Assembly Speaker Robin Vos says lawmakers will not be pursuing changes to the state’s open records law this session, despite a request from his office to have a bill drafted setting different standards for the Legislature.

Vos said Tuesday, September 8th that the bill drafting request submitted in July was done so there could be a starting point for discussions by a yet-to-be-formed study committee.

The bill his office requested be drafted would allow the Legislature to set its open records policy by rule, rather than by law as is currently required.

That possibility sparked an outcry from open government advocates Tuesday, since it would allow the Legislature to set its own policies separate from other governmental bodies without passing a bill that must be signed by the governor.



  • Shaun Blasier (@SaltyShaun)

    No, it is called covering up what the Government is doing, removing all transparency so they can do whatever they please and hide it from the public without retribution. “Blinding” the general public to better suit their needs.

  • Al P

    Perhaps Mr. Barca should send his comments on transparency to Mr. Obama, DEMOCRAT president who has the worst transparency record of any modern day president. He might want to send a copy to Reid and Pelosi also. National Democrats start all this B.S. but don’t want anybody else to follow suit. What a joke!!!

    • Derrick

      And that has what to do with Wisconsin? Oh, I forgot, you don’t have to actually have a point, just blame Obama!

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