Looking for a new doctor? What you need to ask yourself before making your choice

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MILWAUKEE -- Are you looking for a new doctor? Dr. Bogdan Pudzisz of Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare joins FOX6 WakeUp with three steps to get you started.

How to Choose a Doctor:
Step 1

  • Think about what`s important to you, and write down a list of your top criteria. Consider asking yourself questions that may help making your choice:
  • Where is the physician`s office located?
  • What is the physician`s philosophy of care?
  • What insurances does he or she accept?
  • Do the office hours work with your schedule? (Many Wheaton physicians offer evening and weekend appointments to accommodate patients.)
  • How much time does the physician typically spend with patients?
  • Does the doctor use an electronic medical record? (Patients with Wheaton can sign up for MyChart and access their medical information, request appointments and see lab and other test results online.)

Step 2

  • Do your homework. Find out as much information about the physician to determine if you feel like you`ve got a good fit:
  • Ask friends, family and co-workers about their physicians.
  • Look at the physicians` credentialing and years of experience.
  • Visit the physicians` online profiles if they are available. (Patients can view profile videos of Wheaton physicians on MyWheaton.org.)

Step 3

  • Review all of the information carefully and make a decision:
  • ┬áConsider the facts that you`ve uncovered and weigh in how you feel about potentially creating a care relationship with the physician.
  • You have to be able to trust your physician and feel comfortable speaking candidly and openly about any topic related to your health.
  • If you feel something is not a good fit, it`s OK - you can always continue your search to find someone who best fits your needs.