“She’s my little girl:” Search organized for 14-year-old Kendryanna Miller, missing for a week

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WEST ALLIS -- A 14-year-old girl from West Allis has been missing for a week. Her mother says she was last seen near 35th and Burleigh last Thursday, September 3rd -- and now, members of the community are getting involved in the effort to find her.

UPDATE AS OF 9/11: Kendryanna Miller was found safe

Kendryanna Miller

Kendryanna Miller

A search is set to head out in the area near 35th and Burleigh on Thursday evening, September 10th.

"I want to see my baby. I want to hug my baby," Yolanda Bridges, the girl's mother said.

It has been a week since Bridges has seen her daughter.

"She said 'I'll be back,'" Bridges said.

Bridges says last Thursday, one day after her daughter turned 14 years old, Kendryanna Miller took a city bus to get her birthday present -- a cell phone from a shop near 35th and Burleigh. Bridges says Miller never came home.

"After 9 I was worrying, and 10 hit and I drove down there, and drove down there till 3 or 4 in the morning, asking people have they seen her, giving her description," Bridges said.

Kendryanna Miller

Kendryanna Miller

Bridges says she called the police and filed a missing persons report -- and to report her daughter as a runaway. But she says the longer her daughter is gone, the more she worries.

"It's not her at all, and that`s why I feel like someone has taken her and they`re holding her against her will," Bridges said.

"What we have to do is at least assist the mother's concern because she is the legal guardian," Tory Lowe, a community activist said.

Lowe says he couldn't ignore the call to help in this case.

"Milwaukee has huge issues as far as sex trafficking, teenagers getting caught up in drugs or things that are negative," Lowe said.

Lowe started by posting on social media -- but soon went even further, organizing the search for Miller.

"She's my little girl," Bridges said.

Bridges says she's been out every night since her daughter's disappearance looking for her.

Thursday night will be the first night there is a large, organized group looking for this missing girl.

If you have any information in this case, you're asked to call police.

Kendryanna Miller

Kendryanna Miller


  • RunnerMD

    Your lack of compassion is disturbing. May you never feel what this mother is feeling. Also, no where does it say that her mother gave her “a large amount of money”. You have no idea how much the phone costs. Some are a penny. Perhaps her mother was AT WORK WITH HER CAR when her daughter took the bus? Did you consider that? So much judgement. Must be nice to have all the answers.

    • Mel

      And runner, there is no way I would ever experience this as a mother, cause I would NEVER allow my child to leave a relatively safe neighborhood, WITH ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY, on public transportation across the city, to buy something junkies and criminals SPECIFICALLY target for theft and then sit and wonder why they had something bad happen to them. I’m not saying it could never happen ever, but I would never allow my child to be put in that kind of situation. And why did she have to go to 35TH and Burleigh? There’s no cellular phone stores closer and in good areas? I know that’s BS cause I can name ten of them in or around West Allis, commercial and the smaller cheap cell stores. Sorry runner, but I gave up ignorance when I had a child. As a parent you should ALWAYS be three steps ahead and sorry if you don’t like it bit yes, I do have a LOT OF THE ANSWERS AND APPARENTLY COMMON SENSE, something that a lot of the people here SERIOUSLY AND MOST OFTEN WITH DEADLY RESULTS LACK!

    • Dawn

      Common sense says as a mom, you unfortunately have to be careful where you send your kids alone in this city. The phone could have waited until they went together no matter where it was being purchased. People typically don’t post things because of lack of compassion. They post because the lack of common sense people demonstrate before something serious happens is quite frankly unbelievable. Think before you do, not after and there would be a lot less consequences. The mom and child of course don’t deserve what happened. At the same time, prevention could have helped. I’d like to know why she waited until 10 pm to look for her child that should probably not have been in that area alone regardless of time of day.

  • When Will we get along. ?.

    Something needs to be done about the week period parents are forced to wait when a child goes missing, why is a silver alert issued every time an elderly person is missing for afew hours, but for children parents are forced to wait a full week before the media will get involved, that’s far to long and time in these situations because every second counts. I hope she’s found safe. God bless your family

    • Mel

      I agree, why are elderly people who are not missing for an hour, essentially given priority status and a manhunt initiated, but a young child is missing and the police wait a full 24 hours to even class her as missing and endangered!? As the two above me will already say, I am callous for saying it but old people are on their way out, children are just beginning their lives! They should be PRIORITY! And another thing that really bothers me is the fact the police have waited a full week to release she is missing to the media. No child doesn’t return home for a good reason, unless she was running away, either way it should be IMMEDIATELY they issue an alert to look for children, not after they are missing and endangered already! Again I hope she is found safe and unharmed. But the mother needs to get jail time for willfully letting a little girl go to this unsafe area unescorted and I don’t feel her mother is COMPETENT to supervise (which apparently she doesn’t anyway) this girl again.

    • Norine Peardon

      There is no one week wait if parents connect with the right agency. C.A.T.C.H. Resources, Inc. has helped 100’s of families locate their missing loved ones. We have the resources and expertise and our services are no charge. A compassionate 501 (c)(3) nonprofit charity, we are trained in conducting searches and use many other investigative tools. CRISIS LINE 1/877/570-5456 Website: http://catchresources.org

    • JeffJPartin

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  • cheryl

    I’m sorry I don’t usually respond to stupid people or their inconceivable post but whatever the case may be instead of talking about her pray for her, her family and the return of her child. Whatever you sow you will reap. Praying you don’t find yourself in a situation that you could use prayer instead of criticism. I’m praying for you.

    • Mel

      And Cheryl,

      You should pray for yourself. Cause praying helps but not when you make STUPID AND LIFE THREATENING DECISIONS. I am sorry but pray all you want, if a gun is in your face and that criminal wants whatever you have with an itchy trigger finger, all the prayers in the world aren’t going to help you. I just pray the girl is found safe and unharmed, but I refuse to have ONE IOTA OF SYMPATHY FOR THIS IGNORANT NEGLECTFUL MOTHER.

    • robert

      prayer is not working-it didn;t work during slavery-for the 9 people shot in church, MLKs mama shot in church-the 4 little girls bombed s in church-the inner cities of milwaukee,chicago,detroit,philadelphia,etc, with churches on every corner- the 107 souls lcut short in milwaukee this year alone. the girl that got shot Jan, 4th at days inn had just got a tattoo on her body that said “god will protect me” and not only is she dead-but her brother got shot down 3 mos. later. what about Tariq at the lakefront on the 4th and the little girl sitting on granddad’s lap or the thousands of innocent children that get molested in church by the preists and pastors on the regular!! yall black people betta wake up and realize that there is no entity protecting us. you got to protect your own children/community otherwise they will fall prey to wickedness. no god is or ever has protected none of us. My sister and I were both in private/christian school getting molestebullied at the same time we were christians and praying like crazy. wake up my people

  • robert

    35th and burleigh is the worst area in Milwaukee. I have q 17yr. old and she will never be allowed to roam free in that area. I grew up on 27th Auer and the debauchery,bullying and violence my sister and I experienced roaming through this area unsupervised as children is unimaginable- we are truly lucky to be alive!! Hope that this child is found safely

  • robert

    something doesn’t add up in this story-are children allowed to get cell phones/service or go under contracts??? I really don’t think so

    • hh

      Yes aint no major phone companies over there. Just prepaid stores over there as long as they got the money they can get a phone. But its store all on the south side too why come all the way to the Northside if they stay on the southside????

  • Stefanie Vargas

    I feel such sorrow for this Mother whose heart is full of agony and worry. Regardless of why she let her daughter go to buy her birthday present alone. None of us know the circumstances. All we know is what the article stated. Nowhere does it say the Mother does not love her child. In fact she said ” she’s my baby” and when I read this I felt nothing but sadness for this woman. Mom made a huge mistake, imagine her devastating guilt and remorse so deep she can barely sleep or breathe. There is nothing worse for a parent to experience. I wouldn’t know, and pray to God I never will. If your child passed away it is gut wrenching heart pain. Imagine not knowing where your child was, the scenarios that would play out in your mind. This would be unbearable, and I don’t think I could live through constant WONDERING WHERE WHO WHY AND IFS. So I am praying to Jesus to please bring her home safely to the loving arms of her Mother so she can wrap her arms around her precious girl and rejoice.. Her Momma needs her. And Jesus please give the people writing calloused and hurtful posts, a kinder heart , for understanding not all are perfect parents such as them .Why would anyone say to this broken woman whose daughter has disappeared at 14 years old, they have no remorse for her. You are a cold and calloused person that has no heart. We know she made a mistake but to be cruel to her is an act that is just purely evil. Shame on you.

    • Mel

      Cruel is the world hun. And I am sorry this mothers poor decision making skills lead to this. And I am real tired of people saying I should geel

  • justsayin

    There is no waiting period for filing. Please stop spreading this myth as it continues to slow the process for finding children. See http://www.pollyklaas.org/yourchild/ for more information about what to do if your child goes missing. The article said that a police report was called in, so how would the police have a picture to distribute? It’s seems easier to blame the police than to actually work with them.

  • Mike UU

    WHY did she let her girl take a bus to 35 th and Burleigh to buy a birthday present, were there no stores near their house where this kid could shop, or better yet WHY did she wait until 10 to drive down there and look for her kid INSTEAD OF DRIVING HER CHILD TO THE STORE TO GET HER BIRTHDAY PRESENT AND SHARE IN THE CELEBRATION OF HER BITHDAY. Another democrat liberal government instigated let the government raise and support my child CUZ after I spit them out I only need the monthly check and free stuff for them being listed under my roof.

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