Bus driver fired over altercation with passengers: “They was spitting at each other for a minute”

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MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee County Transit System bus driver is fired after video surfaces on Facebook showing him punching a passenger in the street. It wasn't just fists flying, but words too -- and a witness on the bus recorded the entire episode on her smart phone.

The video may be difficult to watch. But the woman recording it wants you to know what happened when the bus driver got off a Milwaukee County bus on Friday night, September 11th.

Qwincii Cashmere

Qwincii Cashmere

Qwincii Cashmere says the bus stopped at 12th and Wisconsin Ave. in the heart of Marquette University. She says two men outside the bus spotted someone inside they recognized.

"They were gay, young gay males," said Cashmere.

Cashmere says the men outside got on the bus -- and the bus driver called them 'sissies' and other homophobic slurs. She says one of the men spit at the driver -- and the driver spit back.

"They was spitting at each other for a minute. It was just nasty," said Cashmere.

Altercation involving bus driver

The fight got heated when the group got off the bus -- and got physical in the street. At one point, the driver is seen throwing the bus' garbage can at a person witnesses say is transgender.

"If it's because of gay or transgender, that's ridiculous," said Allison Warfield, a student at Marquette University.

FOX6 News showed Cashmere's video to people waiting for a ride on Monday afternoon.

"That's really messed up," said Hannah Fischer, a student at Marquette University.

It is Cashmere's video and video from the bus' surveillance camera that helped MCTS officials make an easy decision.

"We certainly expect more of our employees than this type of action," said Brendan Conway, MCTS spokesman.

The driver was fired on Monday afternoon, September 14th -- and Milwaukee police are now investigating the incident.

As a lesbian, Cashmere says she was offended by the driver's remarks, but thinks the punishment for the bus driver is extreme.

"He didn't deserve to be fired, he was defending himself," said Cashmere.

Officials tell FOX6 News the driver was a 'veteran member' of the staff. We are also told he called and reported the incident to supervisors right away.

FOX6 News reached out to the three victims in this case, but they declined to go on camera.


  • kk

    theres more to this then what is being reported…im betting the gays prolly were drunk and thru first punch and shes just siding with her kind…jus saying

  • Laura Thompson

    Excuse me, but why shouldn’t he be fired, drunk, or not noone should be subjected to slurs of any kind! What if it were a white driver throwing around racial slurs, I bet then everyone would be calling for heads to roll! Of course that’s a different story right? Things that make you wanna say hmmmm

  • Blackedukashunhardatwork

    “”They was spitting at each other for a minute.” tax-payer-funded black education right there folks. Obviously someone was out being all “gangsta” during grammar class.

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