Police investigate homicide: Man shot near 24th Pl. & Melvina in Milwaukee

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MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police are investigating a fatal shooting that occurred near 24th and Melvina on Monday, September 14th. Family members say the victim is 21-year-old Lajuan Lipsey.

Police say Lipsey was found lying in the middle of the street on N. 24th Pl. around 10 a.m. The initial investigation shows he was shot inside a home -- and then ran into the street where he later died.

Freddie Teamer

Freddie Teamer

"I just buried my son two years ago, he got shot. I'm sitting up looking at the TV, my son got killed -- and now I'm sitting up looking at TV and my grandson got killed," said Freddie Teamer, the grandfather of the victim. "I'm tired of this stuff -- it's getting out of hand. They got to do something about these guns in the street."

This fatal shooting is Milwaukee's 110th homicide of 2015.

Capt. Aaron Raap, Milwaukee Police Department

Capt. Aaron Raap, Milwaukee Police Department

"What we're doing is working our hardest on each and every case," said Capt. Aaron Raap of the Milwaukee Police Department. "We can't forget about anyone of them, even ones from four to five months ago -- which already seems like years ago because there have been so many."

An autopsy is scheduled for Tuesday, September 15th.

Monitor FOX6 News and FOX6Now.com for updates on this developing story.

Google Map for coordinates 43.087998 by -87.943572.


  • DC

    There is a strong connection between the increase in gun violence,and the conceal and carry law passed recently. Add to that, the shortage of jobs and the new law to have people do drug tests in order to get food stamps. Anger mixed with the availability of guns is a recipe for violence. Think about it

  • libertarian

    Don’t worry when Joe gets in he’s coming for all your guns conceal carry cowboys. Don’t tell me you ain’t given up your guns because the government’s gonna bust down your door and clear out anything in their way to your guns. You ain’t gonna be nothing when Joe and uncle Sam come knocking. When all guns are taken from Americans the killing and violence will end. People don’t need guns they can call 911 if their is an intruder. The Democrats are taking 2016 and it’s time we all coexist. It’s time to open all the borders and let people flood into America and and make this country beautiful with strong government and strong unions free Healthcare and assistance to all and tax business owners to the max. This is the new United states of America the constitution is outdated and needs to be rewritten by our current commander in chief.

  • Ziva Israel

    The guns are coming from our youth. The 90’s babies in particular. Its nothing to get a gun these days. All you need is a friend of a friend who’s 18 with proper identification. No CCW needed. These children are hurting, their parents are financially struggling and their stomachs hurt. They haven’t been taught a thing cause they’re to busy being the parent of their siblings, while the real parent does what they want. The father is locked up or dead…I BLAME WILLIE LYNCH!! I WILL FOREVER BLAME HIM. These people know exactly what’s going on. If we continue to kill each other then their job is pretty much taken care of. Its time to stand up for our own people like they do! Stop being scared of the wrong thing…The Most High WILL protect us.. This is HIS promise. So let’s stop choking on the truth, and start smoking on a plan…QAM YASHARAHLA!!!! (RISE ISRAEL)

  • Reasonless

    lets see your source of information.
    I beg to differ with you, and I think you’ve been told a liberal lie.

    The records that I have access to do not validate your point.

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