“OnStar was extremely helpful:” Technology helps police arrest attempted bank robbery suspects

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MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police say technology and a quick-thinking bank manager prevented a robbery -- and also led to the arrest of four suspects.

Guaranty Bank near 76th & Brown Deer

Guaranty Bank near 76th & Brown Deer

Officials say the attempted robbery happened at the Guaranty Bank near 76th and Brown Deer Rd. on Friday morning, September 11th. Police say the manager at the bank noticed a man come in, use the bathroom and leave without making a transaction. The manager took note of the car in which the suspicious guy left. A few minutes later, the car was back -- and now two men approached the bank with masks and a bag. The manager locked the doors and called police. The suspects took off.

"Hats off to the employees of the bank and the manager for recognizing suspicious activity and then acting on their beliefs by notifying the police department," said Capt. Johnny Sgrignuoli of the Milwaukee Police Department.

The manager or one of the employees managed to take down a license plate. The plates came back to a car reported stolen in August. The car also had OnStar, which police used to track the suspects to the intersection of 37th and North.

Police found a 25-year-old man, a 29-year-old man, a 36-year-old man, and a 28-year-old woman, all from Milwaukee. Officials say two of the suspects are convicted felons.

OnStarThis incident was the second in less than a week in which OnStar led Milwaukee police to a stolen car.

"Technology is evolving, as we know, and it is a large part of how we investigate crimes. And in this case, the use of OnStar was extremely helpful," said Sgrignuoli.

While satellite tracking helped in this case, police say old-fashioned awareness gave them a place to start. They credit the bank employees for taking a training course -- and suggest others do the same.

"Their training paid off. They were able to lead us in the right direction and get us to the point where we are preparing charges for the district attorney's office," said Sgrignuoli.

Officials say robbers had targeted the Guaranty Bank in the past. They're still looking into whether these four suspects are responsible for any other unsolved crimes.

Google Map for coordinates 43.177413 by -88.008563.


  • Thinblue

    Ok so if the car had on star why in the he double hockey sticks did it take so long to use it. Had it been recovered earlier? ????

  • Kanisha Cherry

    It’s funny how the media always messing up information, fox 6 my sister had nothing to do with that so that’s deformation of character get y’all story straight. And my Brother had nothing to do with this neither and y’all know it he’s a sick man who’s been gone with his family and hadn’t been in trouble in 12 year’s so quit saying things y’all know nothing about, but I can’t say that about Quin and Anthony. So News broadcasters before y’all can say anything quit misinterpreting information and get y’all facts straight.

  • g

    Jay just as guilty because the rental was his gf. He knew what they was going to do. Get over it. He got her Involved in sum mess she doesn’t need to be in.

    • Sho Stoppa

      I agree, especially if she is a nurse as he say. I understand stand her situation now because I’m in the same profession.

  • Sho Stoppa

    Jay is GUILTY, Baby bye. I was told personally from him that morning that the car was his car. He better be glad he is in Jay, Your BROTHER owes many people money at this time. This fool went, & robbed a bank when he didn’t even have to. He had many hard working people in his life, that trusted him & was doing LEGAL business with him. Stop It! You don’t know your family as good as you think none of us do when they walk out that front door. JAY is a Big Liar, Theft, & very good at manipulating people, more so (Women) over the last seven days so much has came out, & linked together that points right a sweet ole JAY! I guarantee you this was probably his idea, especially since the rental was in in girlfriend name, now she caught up in his mess. You can’t want to be right, & chose to be dirty. After, I checked his rap sheet since 2001, you can’t pay me or the cops to believe your Brother Ms. Cherry is soooo innocent.

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