“Bullets have no names:” Shooting victim dies outside Milwaukee police station, suspects sought

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Milwaukee Police District 5MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police are investigating a homicide that happened around 2 a.m. Thursday, September 17th.

Near 12th and Locust, Michael Watley has a constant reminder of Milwaukee's violence.

"I call it modern day genocide. We're exterminating ourselves," said Watley.

For three years, just outside Watley's house, a makeshift memorial marks the spot a teenager was killed. A homicide that's suddenly outdated.

"Next thing I know, I heard two gun shots ring out, near Chambers," said Watley.

Just before 2 a.m. Thursday, Watley was folding clothes when violence erupted.

"I just kind of peered over outside the window just for a moment after hitting the deck. When it's that close to you, bullets have no names on it," said Watley.

Alvin Brown

Alvin Brown

Milwaukee police say the victim, identified as 51-year-old Alvin Brown, was shot seated in a car, which was quickly on the move.

A driver brought the victim to Milwaukee Police District 5. Police say life-saving efforts from officers and firefighters were unsuccessful. The place where investigations are solved, became the center of the city's 111th homicide.

Back at 12th and Locust, neighbors say violence has become the norm.

But even this community is shocked violence has literally shown up at officer's doors.

"It's a tragedy. Ya know, black on black crime and the whole works, we complain about theta the police do, we got to police outre our community," said Watley.

They now wait for answers to find out what sparked the latest death on Milwaukee's streets.

Milwaukee Police District 5

Milwaukee Police District 5

"That's a tragedy. That's a tragedy. We got to stop this insanity," said Watley.

Milwaukee police continue to seek suspects and determine the circumstances that led up to the homicide.

A Go Fund Me page has been established for Alvin Brown's funeral expenses. You can donate by CLICKING HERE.