Latest: 57-year-old man now in custody in murder of Timothy Minkley

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WAUKESHA —¬†Waukesha police held a news conference on Thursday morning, September 17th to share what they have learned since arresting a suspect in the murder of 45-year-old Timothy Minkley. But what led police to the suspect was a series of police cameras poised on the downtown area.

Timothy Minkley

Timothy Minkley

Minkley was found dead in his apartment near Wisconsin and Maple in Waukesha on Monday, September 14th. Officials say he suffered head trauma.

On Thursday, Deputy Chief Dennis Angle told reporters the suspect in this case is a 57-year-old man who has apparently known Minkley for the past two years. Angle said the suspect was arrested at his apartment shortly after 3 p.m. on Wednesday. The suspect has a brief criminal history that includes a drug arrest in 2013.

Shortly after the arrest, Dep. Chief Angle said a search warrant was executed at the suspect’s apartment. Investigators found items that apparently tie the suspect to the crime scene, Minkley’s apartment.

Angle also indicated investigators placed a lot of value in OptiCop surveillance footage recovered near the crime scene.

During the investigation, officials also learned the murder weapon was discarded in the area of the Fox River. Early Thursday afternoon, authorities located that weapon.

Suspicious death in Waukesha

Suspicious death in Waukesha

A source tells FOX6 News, police may have seen the suspects name, “Nicky,” on Minkley’s cell phone as a most recent caller. Those who live in the apartment building where the police made the arrest say a man named Nick was taken away.

Nick lived across the hall from Dan Shanklin. Shanklin says Nick was a nice guy who’d ride his bike to meal programs, except earlier this week — he wanted to borrow money right away to wash his clothes, telling Shanklin the cat had soiled them.

“I thought it was funny he wanted eleven quarters cause that’s like four loads of laundry,” said Shanklin.

Wednesday, FOX6 News reported there was a camera wired into Minkley's apartment, police are still looking at that.

Angle said the homicide of Minkley is an isolated incident -- and there are no other suspects being sought.

Monitor FOX6 News and for updates on this developing story.