“They don’t like what we do:” Silk Exotic proposes new location, neighbors argue repercussions

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804 N. Milwaukee Street

804 N. Milwaukee Street

MILWAUKEE -- Silk Exotic Gentleman's Club is trying again and this time they're picking a different location. But they're getting the same feedback, neighbors don't want it.

The new location would be up on the fourth floor of the building located at 804 N. Milwaukee Street. At City Hall, dozens showed up from the neighborhood, including from MSOE, which is right down the block -- they argued it would lower enrollment.

Between neighbors and their potential 'new neighbor,' John Ferraro, owner of Silk Exotic Gentleman's Club.

"I believe it's a moral issue, they don't like what we do," said Ferraro.

It's not the first time Ferraro has defended his business before the city's licenses committee, as he tries to open a location downtown. In fact, he's taken the city to court on this issue twice already -- something alderman want to take into consideration this time around.

Silk Exotic committee meeting

Silk Exotic committee meeting

"So if we deny it again, the meter continues again to run because aren't we, Mr. Chairman and committee members on the hook for close to a million dollars already in legal fees?" said Milwaukee Alderman Mark Borkowski.

Exactly how much isn't known as the legal process is ongoing. Still, it wasn't enough to concern the committee. It voted to recommend the city council again deny a Silk Exotic location -- this time at the 804 N. Milwaukee location.

"They know the impact a club of this size can have on a commercial educational residential type block which we were testifying this area was, so I'm pleased with the committee's recommendation," said Milwaukee Alderman Bob Bauman.

"The real question is the reluctance of the city to allow a sophisticated upscale gentleman's club in downtown Milwaukee. Such a club exists in other major cities in this country without problems, without issues as testified by the very articulate objectors that appeared here today," said Attorney Michael Whitcomb, representing Silk Exotic.

Some of those objectors Silk's attorney is talking about brought up parking issues downtown in the area. The business said that wouldn't be a problem because they would have valet for their staff and customers.

Again, it's now up to the council that's set to take it up next week. But, Silk's attorney believes it still could all be settled in federal court.



    Come on… little bit of skin for some of the boys doesn’t hurt anyone. Provides job’s and some entertainment. European countries have legal brothels that service the unfortunates that can’t get any. So what’s the big deal, I thought Kilwaukee was run by liberals that would welcome any form of entertainment where you don’t have to worry about getting shot on the street… give the guy his license for crying out loud

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