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‘Dose of Reality’ campaign launched: Emphasizes dangers of misused prescription drugs

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MILWAUKEE -- More than 229 Milwaukee residents are on track to die from drug overdoses this year. You might think it's from illicit drugs, like heroin. But that's not it, it's closer to home.

"I would like to welcome you all to my autopsy room," said Milwaukee County Medical Examiner, Dr. Brian Peterson.

Dr. Peterson hosted a news conference at the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner's Office to emphasize the staggering 220 deadly drug overdoses expected for 2015, the majority from prescription opioid painkillers.

Dose of Reality

Dose of Reality

"Understand that that number will outnumber motor vehicle accidents and even homicides by a factor of almost 2:1, and you know that this has been a pretty big year for homicides," said Dr. Peterson.

Dr. Peterson and others joined Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel in announcing a prevention campaign called "Dose of Reality."

"We can choke out heroin if we can make people more aware of the dangers of abusing prescription painkillers, we can do this," said Attorney Schimel.



Schimel says four out of five addicts started by first becoming addicted to prescription painkillers, but he finds people are in denial thinking it could never happen to my kid or in my neighborhood.

State Representative John Nygren begs to differ.

"I'll never forget the day that she told me that she was addicted to heroin. Literally, I was sick to my stomach," said Nygren.

Nygren's daughter is addicted to heroin and still struggles -- prescription drugs were her gateway.

Soon, a media blitz will begin statewide with spots with warnings, information, prevention and resources.

Schimel says it's an all out approach between law enforcement, prevention and treatment efforts. He also says besides death and destruction to lives, the "epidemic," as he calls it, has led to dramatic spikes in other crimes such as burglary, robbery, theft and even human trafficking.

Milwaukee is now #2 in pharmacy robberies nationwide.

FOX6 News is proud to be chosen as the primary television partner on the "Dose of Reality" campaign.


  • Henry G.

    I’m fine with junkies overdosing on prescription drugs. It just means less of our taxpayer dollars going to “fix” their “disease”

    • Mel

      Wow, your a real card buddy. I myself believe overdose is God’s way of widdling out the stupid but not educating people and handing out NALOXONE kits to reverse overdose is not and this type of tragedy could well be prevented.

      Plus you stupid fear mongering public service announcement doesn’t illustrate the fact most overdoses are due to a combination of either alcohol or another drug. Mainly everyone’s bull scripts for alprazolam. So stop blaming the opiates alone. And I think prohibition is totally dumb, have an addict under doctor supervision and maybe this would stop. Cause when the prescriptions end the illicit heroin begins. It is your very own government perpetrating this and you all are to blind to see. Here’s a history lesson for yall.


      2001 We invade Afghanistan. Headlines blatantly show our soldiers “burning” poppy fields but carefully harvesting the poppy heads before hand, and I have the paper pictures showing this.

      2002 Oxycontin takes the market by storm and doctors everywhere profit, taking shady patients on by cash.

      2013 the DEA midnight legislates to have the drug and it’s formulation pulled off the market for a “abuse deterrent” form. The switch is made even though ingredients in it are harmful long term, highly allergenic and reduces the efficacy of the drug. Many doctors pull people out of their long term opioid treatments. And cheap heroin floods the markets. Ask yourself, does this sound like coincidence to you?

      2015 FDA approves Oxycontin for use in CHILDREN!!???

      Now they want the hammer to come down but if you notice it’s too little to late. And make sure someone in your very own circle isn’t addicted, the scary part is you never can or will know who is or isn’t.

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