All clear: Lockdown at Greendale schools prompted by man with umbrella

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GREENDALE -- Franklin police tell FOX6 News a lockdown of several Greendale public schools started when someone reported seeing a man with either a rifle or Samurai sword walking from Greendale to a bus stop at Southridge Mall.

Police say a 30-year-old Greendale man was taking the bus to work -- and he was carrying an umbrella that had a handle that looked similar to what you might find on a Samurai sword. The man was questioned by police. But he was not taken into custody. Officials say there was no threat to the public.

Greendale High School

Greendale High School

Officials with the Greendale School District tell FOX6 News the lockdown, which was lifted, started around noon. At that point, Canterbury Elementary and Greendale Middle School were locked down. A short time later, Greendale High School was put on a "hold." That meant nobody left the building, everyone was accounted for and classes went on as usual.

Ironically, the high school had just practiced its "hold" scenario on Tuesday. Officials say it went without a hitch Friday despite the added challenge of it being over lunch.

School district officials say everything went very smoothly. They kept in close contact with police the entire time -- making decisions together. They say parents were notified in a timely fashion. Officials say it's a comfort to know all their training has paid off.

Meanwhile, the Greendale man told police this wasn't his first time being questioned about his unusual umbrella. Officers suggested he keep it home the next time there's a threat of rain.


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