“The most heart is going to be at this game:” Knights Community Stadium’s ‘pink out’ unites rivalry teams for good cause

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OAK CREEK -- When the whistle blows, the football players from Franklin and Oak Creek will be rivals. But in the stands, fans from both teams unite for a very important cause.

Knights Community Stadium

Knights Community Stadium

At Knights Community Stadium on Friday night, September 18th there is a huge battle on the field between Oak Creek and Franklin. But off the field, that rivalry has turned into a unity.

"It's going to be pretty crazy. There's going to be a lot of crowd control and there's going to be a lot of chanting and we're going to hope to keep them all positive. We have our homecoming game in a couple weeks...I feel like this game might be even more exciting then that with how much energy is going to be here," said Julie Burroughs, Oak Creek High School teacher.

The intensity could reach a season high at Oak Creek High School, which isn't lost on Julie Burroughs -- an Oak Creek teacher and co-student council chair.

Julie Burroughs

Julie Burroughs

"That's why we picked it because we feel like the most pep and the most spirit and the most heart is going to be at this game so we thought that it would be a really great way to sort of bring together the rivalry cause that's what this is but also bring them together for a good cause," Burroughs.

"Both schools are sort of getting the word out about this game and that it is a 'pink out' and that we are trying to raise money for both of our Relay For Life's here," said Codi Gauger, Oak Creek High School teacher.

"All of the money is going to go to Relay For Life fund," Burroughs said.

While the annual Relay For Life will benefit from the proceeds that are raised Friday night, teacher and co-chair Codi Gauger believes students will also take something from the pink out.

Codi Gauger

Codi Gauger

"We're trying to raise awareness and make sure that they understand that this is a huge issue and you know it's their future it can effect their lives right now. You know, hopefully allow them to help out in any way they can and just be aware that they can do something about this," said Gauger.

One of the activities that will help raise money and awareness is the 87-second drill.

"Absolutely, because even some of my student council members and even the members in the crowd, they'll be putting the money in the containers and not really understanding -- but then at the end of the night, our goal is we'll try to get it all counted so we can say 'look at it in 87-seconds this is how much money we raised,'" said Burroughs.

While the night of two schools, one cause is a group effort -- it's personal for both Gauger and Burroughs.

"I have had friends and relatives who have had cancer, died from cancer, or are survivors of cancer. So for me, it's really neat to see so many people rally around a great cause," said Burroughs.

Knights Community Stadium

Knights Community Stadium

"This matters to me personally. I lost my aunt to breast cancer when I was 8-years-old. So, it's always like for my whole family been such an important thing to try and stop this horrible disease and just be able to find a cure," said Gauger.

That unity means a lot of money raised and that was the goal at Friday night's Knights Community Stadium -- it was the goal for so many and so many will benefit.

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