Police ask for public’s help in search for 13-year-old boy: “His behavior places him in danger”

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MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police are asking for the public's help in their search for 13-year-old Christopher McGee.

Christopher McGee

Christopher McGee

Officials say McGee has been missing since Sunday, September 20th when he was last seen walking away from a home near Burleigh and Julia Streets. McGee is known to engage in risky behavior -- and could be a threat to himself and others. He's known to frequent the neighborhood near King and Auer.

"His behavior places him in danger," MPD Captain Johnny Sgrignuoli said. "The department is concerned about Mr. McGee because he is engaged in what is categorized as risky behavior. He tends to associate with other juveniles who also engage in that type of behavior. The department is concerned that he is a risk to the community as well."

A woman who says she's McGee's mother tells FOX6 News McGee was supposed to be on electronic monitoring when he disappeared.

She says lately he's been hanging out with the wrong kids, and she worries all this attention will convince him to keep running, but police say it's important they find him.

"We believe he is a danger to himself and we would like the public`s cooperation in locating Mr. McGee," Sgrignuoli said.

Officials describe McGee as a male, black, about 5'7" tall, 140 pounds with a thin build. Police say he has tattoos on his forearms with the letters 'C' and 'M.'

If you have any information about where McGee might be, you are strongly encouraged to call Milwaukee police at 414-935-7252.

Monitor FOX6 News and FOX6Now.com for updates on this developing story.


  • SARA

    I was a 13-year-old with tattoos, and continued to get more up until I was 18. I hung with the wrong people, I also had parents that were on my case non-stop and that didn’t help. I was in trouble all the time, pretty much on a daily basis, and escorted home by the police. I now today, have 3 college degrees, imagine that! Also, a mother to 4 children who are all honor roll students and my children are NOTHING even close to the child I was. You should never judge a book by its cover, nor judge a 13-year-old, whom is not an adult. Children do not look at the big picture nor do most worry about how this will affect them now or even later for that matter. I grew up and didn’t want to live that life style, nothing my parents said or anyone for that matter was changing my ways. By no means am I making excuses for him or myself, BUT I guess all us adults were perfect little darlings.

    • concerned parent

      NH u sound dumb whites get just as much assistance from the government as blacks. This isn’t a race thing its a parenting problem. We clearly can see black kids ain’t the only ones committing crimes.

  • Fred

    So sad. Another kid headed on a path of self destruction. No doubt he’s a product of his environment, but I feel for the Mother who obviously can’t compete with the thugs who show this kid just how good life can be when you take what you want when you want.

  • concerned parent

    He only do what his parent/ parents allow. 13 years old with tattoos and he most likely cant spell it. This is bad parenting in the flesh and sad to say but it is his parents fault train ypur child in which u want them to follow. He see alot at home. A funeral will soon take place. Sad but true

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