Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett to present 2016 budget proposal to Common Council Tuesday

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Tom Barrett

MILWAUKEE — Mayor Tom Barrett is set to present his 2016 proposed city of Milwaukee budget to the Common Council on Tuesday, September 22nd.

The Mayor’s Office says this budget “will include a continued commitment to public safety, strong and healthy neighborhoods, economic security for residents and solid fiscal management.”

The budget proposal is set to be presented to the Common Council at 9:00 a.m. Tuesday. 

Mayor Barrett spoke of his budget proposal a few weeks ago — indicating it includes $880,000 for body cameras for the Milwaukee Police Department.

Barrett says public safety is one of his top priorities as mayor, and he announced that by the end of 2016, MPD will be utilizing 1,200 body cameras.

Barrett’s budget proposal also includes maintaining current staffing levels by adding 100 new officers and eliminating three mandatory furlough days for officers.

The Milwaukee Common Council will receive the budget proposal on Tuesday morning — and the Council will then spend the next few weeks proposing amendments.

CLICK HERE for more on the city of Milwaukee review process for the 2016 budget.


  • Thinblue

    Trolley trolley trolley!!!! And a raise for Tommy and thats the budget. We need no more cops. Black lives matter but the trolley is better!!!!!

  • chris

    Sorry..we can’t put more officers on the road because that money has been allotted to train trolley drivers. However 40000 has been set aside to plant trees closer together on the northside to ease problems with public transportation.

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