Safety Week: UWM students are getting some extra lessons this week

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MILWAUKEE -- Students at UW-Milwaukee are getting some extra lessons this week, outside the classroom. The focus is safety.

UWM Safety Week

UWM Safety Week

From self-defense to how to put out a fire, Safety Week at UW-Milwaukee is in full swing. Local police and firefighters are showing students what to do in an emergency, and the resources available on campus when it comes to staying safe -- like the Safe Walker Program.

Students trained by UWM police escort students around campus at night, if students request them.

"They actually carry police radios. They're in touch with dispatch and police officers," said Theron Rogers, a UW-Milwaukee police officer.

Jenna Deering and Dayle Schlessinger just transferred to UWM. Deering says she would consider calling a safe walker.

"I would just feel comfortable, especially at night, just so that I am not alone on the street of course," said Deering.

Schlessinger carries pepper spray, just in case.

"I never carry a purse or anything, but you never know who will go for your backpack or something like that," said Schlessinger.

When it comes to getting around, a word of advice from police...

UWM Safety Week

UWM Safety Week

"Treat it like you're a tourist. Anytime you're a tourist, you take the extra steps and precautions to prepare yourself," said Rogers.

Something we are all guilty of every now and then: looking down at our phone, or having headphones on. Police say you should take them out -- and make sure you know what is going on around you.

"Just being safe as a pedestrian on campus," said Rogers.

Events for Safety Week at UW-Milwaukee will continue throughout the week.