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Democrats call on Gov. Walker to pay for travel costs for security team during pres. campaign

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Scott Walker

MADISON — Democrats are calling on Gov. Scott Walker to pay for travel costs for his security team
incurred while running for president now that his campaign has ended.

Two Democratic state lawmakers on Wednesday called for Walker to repay state taxpayers for travel costs associated with security provided by the State Patrol when he was running for president in South Carolina, Iowa, New Hampshire and elsewhere across the country.

Walker’s campaign had promised to reimburse taxpayers for costs related to travel for his security team, but not
their salaries.

A spokesman for the state Department of Administration says he was checking to see if the campaign had reimbursed the state.

Walker’s campaign ended Monday, September 21st. His former campaign spokeswoman did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment.


  • libertarian

    Conservatives your gonna get smacked upside the head in 2016. This country needs pro union and to kill off small business money hungry fat cats. More government programs, open the country to all the great immigrants with children and give us all free health care at the cost to fat business owners. Conservatives have destroyed this country and their fantasy religious views. Teachers deserve way more compensation. Government can prosper this nation under Joe and Hilary and for god sakes ban gun ownership in America.

  • wtf

    Is that standard practice…does every candidate..who…runs. .democrats. republican..Or otherwise. .do the same?..if so. Sounds like that is what everyone is required to do

  • Libsareliars

    So are the unions and everyone else who went ahead and tried to recall Walker in 2012 going to repay the state for the cost?

  • mebe

    I would pay it back as soon as the millions of dollars which was used to recall Scott is paid back by the Democrats. Once the millions of dollars is paid back then I would require that all democrats who fled the state during their little hissy fit over Act10 pay back any state money used for hotels, food, etc…Liberals will be mad about this because it is only fair and make sense, we know liberals don’t like fair (they only like things that are to their advantage) and well…the word sense and liberal just don’t go together.

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