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Police: Strong armed robbery suspect charged after citizens helped officers make arrest

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MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee police say a strong armed robbery suspect has been charged after citizens in downtown Milwaukee helped officers make the arrest.

Jake Klug

Jake Klug

MPD District One officers responded to the area near Kilbourn Avenue and Water Street around 11:45 a.m. on Friday, September 18th and when they got to the scene, they saw two citizens holding down the suspect, 25-year-old Jake Klug of West Bend.

The officers talked to the victim, a 22-year-old Milwaukee woman, who said she was walking when the suspect approached her, grabbed her purse, and fled on foot.

The woman screamed for help and a nearby citizen was able to stop the suspect and detain him until police arrived.

Officers recovered the victim’s purse and returned it to her.

Klug, who has a criminal record dating back to 2007, has been charged with one count of robbery and faces up to 15 years in prison or a fine of $50,000 if convicted.

He was set to make his initial appearance in court on Wednesday morning, September 23rd.



    Once again, a white person does a violent act of crime and 0 comments! Got to love this cheesehead state. Lets put a balance to the game. If this was a black person’s picture above, the racist stereotypes would start poring in! So,…. here we go. This guy lives in hillbilly West Bend. Probably late on his trailer home monthly payment. Frequently visits the area Meth labs. Works as a bagger at Fleet Farm or Farm & Fleet. Has a collection of dirty Grateful Dead tshirts in his closet. Girlfriend wears camo pants 5 days out of the week. Calls his mother “Ma”. Hides his food stamp card deep in his wallet. Goes to Cabellas to window shop, never buys. Hates Black people but loves the Packers players!?! Can you say NAAAAASSSSSSCAAAAAAAAR?!!

    • Fred

      Too funny!!!! You talk about racism yet your comment totally stereo types West Bend people or white people in general. No complaints from me – what goes around comes around………..

  • Fred

    Send this loser away for the maximum sentence. He’s probably a drug addict ripping people off to support his habbit.


    I love to hear about this infamous “race card”. “You people”, always talk about black people playing this race card so much that I think an actual race card should be created and distributed among black people all over. Sponsored by Visa or Mastercard. Has a plus or star logo on the back. Oh yeah, a credit card security chip for protection from the hackers. But to be serious. I do not excuse or condone the violence in the black community and I believe it is OUR responsibility to clean up our own mess. But, it still doesn’t change the fact that this city has a MAJOR race relations issue and you can choose to stick you head in the sand by ignoring it. Or you can try to help to change it for the better. I have white friends and family members. They saw my comments and started laughing, saying “that was awesome”. It’s about to be 2016 Milwaukee! And things haven’t changed yet. Start to think out of the box and don’t condemn a entire race of people because of a few personal life interactions and the info you absorb from the broadband connection that you carry in your pocket or comes in your house.

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