“A huge part of who Milwaukee is:” Raise a glass with Miller Brewing as it celebrates 160 years

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MILWAUKEE -- One of Milwaukee's most iconic brands is celebrating its 160th anniversary. Local leaders say that without Miller Brewing Company, the city wouldn't be the same.

Imagine what Milwaukee might have looked like if a young European immigrant hadn't chosen this as the place he wanted to brew beer.

Miller Brewing

Miller Brewing

"If Miller hadn't been here, it would be a different city. The brewing industry was so critical to the growth of Milwaukee, to the culture of Milwaukee, to the fun that happens in Milwaukee," said Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

Miller Brewing2Who knows what the name of the baseball team would be, or what they'd call the park where they play.

"We think Miller is a huge part of who Milwaukee is and it's why people around the world know where Milwaukee is on the map," said Kelly Grebe with MillerCoors.

Miller has grown into a worldwide brand.

"Anywhere in the world, there is nobody who doesn't know Miller," said Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele.

On Thursday, September 24th the company raised a glass to 160 years of Miller beer.

"We can count on one hand the number of companies in the United States in the beer business that go back 160 years," said Grebe.

The company survived through the Prohibition years to become the brewing powerhouse that it is today.

Milwaukee's top public officials couldn't wait to celebrate the company's milestone and are hoping for many more to follow.

"Hopefully we'll have another anniversary in another 160 years, but in the meantime they make great beer, they create great jobs and they give back to the community," said Abele.

Miller Brewing time capsule

Miller Brewing time capsule

As part of the celebration, the company is putting together a time capsule to be opened in 40 years, as the company celebrates its 200th anniversary. Among the items that went inside? An Aaron Rodgers autographed football.

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  • d head

    Thank you miller! For making milwaukee the biggest loser city in america! There are more drunk drivers and wife beaters in this state then anywhere and you guys have done nothing to help! Here is to another 100 years of BS!

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