Latest: Pink & white go-kart stolen while inside locked trailer at home in Slinger recovered by police

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SLINGER — Slinger police say a unique pink and white go-kart, stolen on Friday, September 18th as it sat in a locked trailer outside a home in Slinger has been recovered.

Lisa Brux

Lisa Brux

Lisa Brux, the kart’s owner, says the kart was in a locked trailer in her driveway when she left for work on Friday. When she returned home, the trailer, with the kart inside, was gone.

Slinger police say the go-kart was dumped in a wooded area near a Goodwill store in West Bend around 4:15 p.m. Wednesday, September 23rd.

Police say the suspect in this case is an Asian male, who was driving a white Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Surveillance images of the suspect and suspect vehicle have been released by police:

This go-kart has a lot of sentimental value, Brux says. Brux has been racing it for six years in Dousman, and during that time, it has gotten a bit of a reputation as a favorite among the kids.

Lisa Brux pink go-kart

Lisa Brux pink go-kart

“Ever since I was a little kid I wanted to be a race car driver,”  Lisa Brux said.

Brux is known at the Badger Kart Club as the driver of the little pink and white kart.

“I get out there to race, but the kids are always out there by my trailer. I get hugs from them and it`s just — it`s about the kids and that`s what really hurts right now,” Brux said after the theft.

When Brux left for work on Friday, her kart was inside a locked trailer parked outside her home in Slinger. When she returned from work, the trailer was gone.

“I was sick. I pulled into the driveway and I didn`t even make the corner and I noticed it was gone,” Brux said after the theft.

Slinger police estimate the total value of the items stolen at $5,000. Brux estimates the total value at $12,000 to $15,000.

Lisa Brux go-kart trailer

Lisa Brux go-kart trailer

“The kart stand, the kart, the motor, the tools, the air compressor,” Brux said.

But Brux says it’s more about the sentimental value than the money.

“Just a kick in the stomach. It`s the kids and that — I still get choked up. It`s about them and they`re devastated like I am,” Brux said.

Badger Kart’s tight-knit racing community rallied around Brux after the theft, and worked to get the word out about the theft on Facebook.

Lisa Brux pink go-kart

Lisa Brux pink go-kart

Meanwhile, Brux’s partner, Pinkalla, found her a temporary replacement for her kart as Brux said she hoped the thieves would do the right thing and at least return the kart to her.

If you have any information as to the identity of the suspect in this case, you’re asked to contact Slinger police.


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