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“It’s heart-wrenching:” Child dies after drinking mother’s methadone from water bottle

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MILWAUKEE — The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s Office says a 20-month-old child died after drinking her mother’s methadone from a water bottle.

The child was pronounced dead outside her home near 76th and Medford just before 8:00 p.m. on Friday, September 25th.

Police were called to the home shortly before 7:30 p.m.  Police say Kyleeh Mazaba was found unresponsive by her mother after a nap.

“I had heard like, this blood-curdling scream,” Harriet Hill said.

Hill and other neighbors rushed from their homes to help.

“I heard screaming of ‘oh my gosh she is dead. She is dead. Elizabeth was screaming erratically that her child was dead. Her neighbor who lived down here was trying to console her and that`s when I ran down and found the child on the front and everything,” Hill said.

CPR was attempted by neighbors prior to the arrival of the Milwaukee Fire Department. Life-saving measures were unsuccessful and the child died on scene.

“I couldn`t do anything but pray. I prayed over the child. I prayed with Elizabeth. It was a floodgate of 911 calls coming in to try and help save this child,” Hill said.

Initial reports indicate the child drank her mother’s methadone that had been stored in a water bottle.

The report indicates earlier on Friday, the child’s mother took one of her children to a doctor’s appointment and left Kyleeh in the van with her eight-year-old son while she went inside.

It was later discovered Kyleeh drank methadone while in the van.

Kyleeh’s mother, who is currently taking methadone, stated she must have poured half her dose into an empty water bottle that was in her van.

“It`s just heart-wrenching,” Hill said. “Kyleeh was quiet. She was a wondrous type of child — big, round, beautiful eyes. She seemed like a really wonderful kid.”

An autopsy was performed on Saturday and no trauma was found.  The cause of death is pending further toxicology testing and confirmation.

At this time, there have been no arrests in this case. The case will be presented to the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office when the investigation is complete.

Monitor FOX6 News and for updates on this developing story.

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  • Jamie

    People need to be more wiser about what and where they are storing these water bottles. That is the second child I read about that got the wrong thing out of a water bottle.

  • wtf

    Great a mom has her kids when she. Has methadone in a water bottle..aren’t prescription medications to be kept in their labeled pharmacy container…was it even the mothers medication..I pray any other children are removed from her care.or should we say lack of care

    • andrewTK

      I am prescribed methadone in Wisconsin.. It is to be kept under lock and key at all times until the empty bottle is returned to the clinic. I believe the mother is at fault, and this is ILLEGAL anyway. No charges? Not yet, anyway..

  • Opinion8d

    Now with the update it comes out that the has at least two other children and to top it off, left the 8yr old in the car with the baby while she took another into the doctor. What an idiot……take her kids and sterilize her. Again, another great example of someone who should be profiled. How many kids, dads, any job, education, record, family members, etc who are all draining resources/services without providing anything back to society.

  • keepinitreal

    JC-2nd water bottle containing drugs in 2 months. How stupid are these parents and why isn’t social services better monitoring this? Methadone clinics should be in direct communication with social services to prevent these kinds of things from occurring. Each story like this kills part of my soul and truly makes me sad for this country’s future.

  • .

    Driving with and probably on methadone without the prescription bottle, leaving young kids in the car with dangerous narcotics within reach, probably left the keys in the car too. How did any of her kids make it past 2 years old. How can there be no charges yet, what’s there to investigate she admitted her negligence. R.I.P. little one todays societysux anyway.

  • Samantha

    Methadone and any other substance abuse prescription drugs when perscribed are suppose to be pit in a lock box and put up away from kids and anyone espesially kids who is that care less to leave it in open with kids….espesially if u take ur dosage in front youre kids they are little they think oh my mama drinks ot and why woiod you pour it in a water bottle that makes it look like a beverage…wow im just in shock how stupid and careless this is…youre child is gone because of you…..

    • Opinion8d

      I know what you’re trying to say, but it sounds like you’re trying to blame someone else but HER! There is always a million ‘what-ifs’ but someone has to be held accountable-and it’s the bio-mother here. No question – no doubt. She effed up on so many levels -never should have had kids.

  • JenniferJustice

    She said she thinks she must have poured half her meth in a water bottle? She doesn’t know for sure or she doesn’t want to admit? Can’t imagine why they have not arrested her already. It doesn’t take a toxicology report if they’re already asserting the child died of meth injestion. What a disgusting person to be doping around your kids, let alone in a way they can gain access to it themselves. No sympathy for the mom. When people are that careless, you have to conclude they really didn’t care.

  • Michelle

    I would assume now that changes again will be made with methadone take homes. I am a mother and yes I am taking methadone and yes anyone unfamiliar this is liquid methadone and anytime I have a take home bottle I drink my dose as soon as I open the container, it’s not a bottle that gets reused its contents are a one time dose so there is no reason for this unfortunate death and I solely do believe it is definitely without a doubt the mother’s negligence. I feel terrible for the parents, just anyone who heard this story should learn from this and keep ALL MEDICINE away from any child’s reach.

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