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Intruder enters Waukesha school, assaults office workers and parent

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Lowell Elementary School, Waukesha

WAUKESHA — A spokesperson for the Waukesha School District says an unidentified man entered Lowell Elementary School on Tuesday morning, September 29th — but was stopped by office personnel.

A news release indicates the man entered the school just after 9 a.m. When questioned by two clerical staff members, the man then assaulted them — and then proceeded to exit the building. Before leaving the school property, the news release says the man assaulted a parent in the front entrance.

911 was called as the suspect fled the scene. Waukesha police responded immediately and apprehended the intruder.

The school district spokesperson says she is proud of the office staff at Lowell Elementary School for containing the intruder and teaching staff which quickly followed practices that they have learned via lock-down drills.

Waukesha Superintendent Todd Gray stated, “Students were never at any time accessible by this individual — nor were they aware that anything was happening.”

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    “Students were never at any time accessible by this individual…” Ya, but how much farther would he have to get before this was much worse? Or if they couldn’t contain him until police showed up? Or if it was an hour earlier and all the kids and parents were going in and out? Glad this worked out, but it still doesn’t account for fact that nobody around could have protected themselves or the children had it gotten even a little worse.

  • lydia

    he left the building and then assaulted me on the way out. The guy is now out and about in the community, saw him today … not being supervised by his guardian closely…because waukesha pd is refusing to press any charges and they can not make him stay away form any victim. I was told today that I can file a private civil restraining order against him other than that nothing can happen to him or his guardian because he is mentally handicap. This is a sad system when we do nothing to protect the general community from a violent person just because he is mentally handicap. He should be being evaluated and the guardian should be facing some type of repercussions for not keeping an eye on him. I can not imagine if this would have happened when children were present seeing how he hit me and almost knocked loose my two front teeth, busted both my lips and strained my jaw from how hard he hit me! Sad situation and there is nothing being done to protect the general public from this happening again or for this young man who clearly isn’t being cared for in the capacity he should have been.

    • wtf

      Hey if you meed help getting the funds…u should make a facebook plea…what if this person kills a child..a small child could sustain fatal injuries..if assaulted in the way u were so sorry for u

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