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“We’re terrified:” After sexual assault on Hank Aaron Trail, one runner says harassment is common

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MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police are seeking a suspect following a sexual assault that occurred on the Hank Aaron Trail on Tuesday, September 29th. This, as some who use the Hank Aaron Trail regularly tell FOX6 News incidents like this are becoming more common.

Hank Aaron Trail

Hank Aaron Trail

Police say the victim, a 27-year-old Milwaukee woman, told officers she was running on the trail when a suspect on a bicycle approached her, grabbed her and fondled her.

The woman screamed -- and the suspect fled from the scene on his bicycle.

The suspect is described as a Hispanic male, 17-18 years-old, 5’5” tall, with a slim build and his hair in a ponytail.

Hank Aaron Trail

Hank Aaron Trail

The suspect’s face had marks on it, likely either freckles or sun spots.

He was last seen wearing a red T-shirt, shorts, and black tennis shoes and riding a black low-rider type bike.

Hank Aaron Trail sexual assault suspect description

Hank Aaron Trail sexual assault suspect description

This incident has some who use the Hank Aaron Trail on high alert.

"We're terrified. It's just scary," Abby Busse, a Marquette University junior who runs the trail five times a week with friends. "It's a great surface to run on. You don't have to deal with traffic really."

But Busse says she does have to deal with lots of harassment from men she encounters on the trail.

"Just saying things -- calling us names, slapping butts and whistling," Busse said.

Busse says the constant remarks make it difficult to focus on her cross country training.

"Really mad. Really, really upset," Busse said. "We're usually with a group, so I feel like that's a good thing, but it's also not that surprising."

"Just keep an eye out for yourself.  If you can, travel with a friend," Jerry Womack said.

Anyone with information should call Milwaukee Police Sensitive Crimes Division at 414-935-7405.

Hank Aaron Trail

Hank Aaron Trail

Google Map for coordinates 43.029459 by -87.916798.



    Conceal and carry. Please. These low-lifes are to the point where they think they run Milwaukee, which they do not. Time to take back the city.

  • yep

    If you have a running trail in the hood that is what will happen. I can’t fathom why any women would go run down that trail alone. I am a male and I wouldn’t even venture down there or the marqueer campus in general.

  • Mel


    So college students should have to go out of their way to go somewhere else!? No, how about cleaning up the neighborhood. I am sure the students who live on campus don’t have oodles of money to spare, this is WHY they are utilizing the area they LIVE in. So I find it very insulting that instead of actually making an effort to make the area safer you suggest burying the problem and forcing people to leave their neighborhood. I propose they have 3-5 bike cops patrolling there and clearing out dochecanoes that cause the trouble. Send a couple of undercover female detects there and see what happens. Maybe these perverts would think twice. Or perhaps we should pay for all their concealed carry license and training, so if a perv does try something he is in for a painful surprise!

  • yep

    Hence the problem from the start…why have a college campus like Marqueer in the hood to begin with. Makes no sense…but continue on sheeple — send your rich kids to the hood for school so they can get robbed. Milwaukee is safe and go run by yourself in an area in which cannot be helped because the thugs have taken over long ago.

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