Charged: 31-year-old Simon Rubio accused in armed robbery, attempted robbery at libraries

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Simon Rubio

RACINE COUNTY — Criminal charges have been filed against a 31-year-old Burlington man — accused in robberies that occurred on August 6th at the Rochester Public Library and Waterford Public Library in Racine County.

Simon Rubio

Simon Rubio

The accused is Simon Rubio, who faces one count of attempted armed robbery with threat of force (repeater), one count of robbery with threat of force (repeater) and possession of drug paraphernalia (repeater).

Court records indicate Rubio has prior convictions for possession of narcotic drugs as party to a crime (2012), battery (2008), and burglary and possession of controlled substances (2003).

A criminal complaint filed in this case indicates Racine County Sheriff’s officials were dispatched to the Village of Waterford and Village of Rochester regarding two robberies that occurred within a matter of minutes on August 6th.

The first robbery occurred at the Rochester Public Library at 101 North River Street in the Village of Rochester. The second occurred at the Waterford Public Library at 208 Spring Street in the Village of Waterford.

At the library in Rochester, investigators spoke with a woman who indicated she was behind the desk when a man approached — asking: “If I pay a fine, do you have change?” The woman responded, telling the man it would depend on how much money he gave her for the fine. The woman said the man then reached into his pocked and pulled out a note that said: “Give me all your money.”

The woman told investigators she then handed over an unknown amount of money from inside a drawer behind the desk — and after retrieving the money, the man walked toward the library’s exit.

The woman then called 911.

A description was provided of the suspect in the robbery at the library in Rochester, and at the Community State Bank, which sits on the same block as the library, a teller indicated she observed a man who matched the description of the suspect in the bank before the robbery occurred.

The teller was able to provide a detailed description of the man.

The man was described as a white, possibly Hispanic man in his early 30s, standing between 5’8″ and 5’10” tall with black, shorter hair, a wide, square face and a five o’clock shadow. The description continued, to indicate the man slouched as he walked, with his head down — and that he had a medium build — with tattoos on his neck, forearms and legs. He was described as wearing a blue hat, black T-shirt with a white tag hanging out and blue shorts that ended near or below his knees.

The teller told investigators she watched as the man walked in and out of the bank on three separate occasions — eventually exiting the bank — heading towards the library. The teller indicated the man appeared nervous, and walked with his hands in his pocket.

Five minutes after the man was seen walking towards the library, the teller said she saw him running at full speed through the backyard — southbound from the library.

Shortly thereafter, bank staff received a phone call from library staff, indicating they had just been robbed.

Soon after the robbery in Rochester, officials were dispatched to the Waterford Public Library regarding an attempted robbery that had just occurred there.

According to the complaint, the victim indicated she had exited the library and was walking toward her vehicle when she observed the suspect standing near a bicycle rack. The woman said the suspect approached her from behind as she was opening her car door.

The man is accused of saying: “I want her purse” to the woman two or three times — and the woman refused.

The third time, the woman says the suspect said: “I want your purse. I have a gun.” No gun was displayed, according to the complaint.

The woman says she began walking away from the suspect — and he eventually took of.

Investigators were able to determine the description of the suspect in the Rochester robbery, the description of the man seen at the bank, and the description of the suspect in the Waterford attempted robbery matched.

Investigators took a look at surveillance video from the exterior of the Waterford Public Library, and that video was ultimately distributed through social media in order to assist in the identification of the suspect in this case.

The complaint indicates investigators spoke a number of witnesses who identified the suspect in this case as Simon Rubio.

On September 3rd, Glendale police received a tip from a witness who indicated the suspect in the Waterford incident was Simon Rubio. That woman said she had seen the surveillance footage, and “immediately identified” the suspect as Rubio because of his distinct “duck walk.”

Another witness came forward two days later — telling investigators Rubio “waddles when he walks,” and that the suspect in the surveillance video from Waterford is “definitely Simon Rubio.”

One day later, investigators learned from a woman that her ex-boyfriend had received a call from Rubio, who said he needed a ride because the police were after him in Milwaukee. The woman’s ex-boyfriend refused to give Rubio a ride.

That ex-boyfriend was interviewed by investigators. He said on August 7th — one day after the incidents at the libraries, he received a call that Rubio and another party needed a ride because the police were surrounding their truck — but he denied giving Rubio a ride.

On September 30th, a search warrant was executed at Rubio’s home. Rubio was taken into custody, but the complaint indicates he refused to talk with officers.

Video from the incident at the Waterford Public Library was shown to Rubio’s mother, and she said: “That’s Simon.”

The complaint says investigators found “numerous syringes” in Rubio’s room, along with a glass pipe, a box containing tweezers, a tourniquet, Q-tips, a syringe and an empty clear plastic baggie consistent with heroin use.

Investigators also found clothing consistent with what Rubio was wearing at the time of these crimes.

Rubio is set to make his initial appearance in court in this case on October 2nd.


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