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“He hits me in the face with a closed fist:” Upset parent speaks out on Lowell Elementary School intruder

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WAUKESHA -- An elementary school in Waukesha was locked down this week -- as a teen pushed his way in. It happened at Lowell Elementary School on Tuesday, September 29th. On Thursday, FOX6 News spoke exclusively with a parent who says she was punched in the face by the 17-year-old boy.

Lowell Elementary School

Lowell Elementary School

The woman says she could lose two teeth because of that punch, and she's upset the boy who did it won't face charges.

Lydia Dischler says she had no idea what she was walking into Tuesday morning at Lowell Elementary School.

"He mutters something to me and I look over and say, 'what did you say?' He hits me in the face with a closed fist," said Dischler.

Lydia Dischler

Lydia Dischler

Dischler says she encountered the 17-year-old boy as he was leaving the school. Just moments before, the teen allegedly forced his way into the building, hit two clerical workers before exiting -- and then hit Dischler as she was walking in.

"Instantly, my lips swelled up. I started to bleed from my mouth," Dischler said.

The school went into lockdown, and police were able to find the suspect within a matter of minutes.

But Waukesha District Attorney Sue Opper says the teen will likely not face criminal charges.

Lowell Elementary School

Lowell Elementary School

Waukesha police say the teen suffered an "autistic episode" and that the boy's cognitive disability makes it difficult to communicate with him. Police aren't even sure why he was at Lowell Elementary School in the first place.

Opper says they won't pursue the case because they likely will not be able to prove intent.

Just one day after the altercation, Dischler says the teen just happened to wander into her place of employment.

Lowell Elementary School

Lowell Elementary School

Without criminal charges, Dischler says her only protection will be a restraining order filed in court. There's also a question of who will pay for Dischler's medical bills -- which could hit $3,000 by week's end.

"We have to look out for the safety of myself and the other individuals involved," said Dischler.

Dischler says she also wants to make sure the teen is monitored at all times so he doesn't hurt anyone else. She does not think the boy should do jail time.

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  • Opinion8d

    What did I just hear?!?!? – because he suffered an ‘autistic episode’ he won’t face charges???? WT F !!! That’s crazy-he still assaulted someone! If he would have shot them would that be ‘ok’ as well?? The DA better get her @#$# together.

  • Scott Siegrist

    “They won’t pursue the case because they likely will not be able to prove intent”. Does the fact that it happened not mean anything? He forced his way into an otherwise locked building, assaulted 2 of the office staff, punched this mother in the face. There was safety at stake for the students of the school. No charges? Another “episode” and there is safety at stake for other schools, other children and the community as a whole. This time it was only his fists…

  • Concerned parent

    The attacker hit the school secretary, came over the desk and started pummeling her, hit another employee in the head with a phone and knocked her down, the on ran out the door and punched this lady in the face. He absolutely intended to cause harm three times, it wasn’t an accident at all. The DA should be ashamed of herself In not protecting the children in the Waukesha school district. This individual also had another run in in the past. It will escalate to something more serious in the future like the Pewaukee incident or a school shooting. What if he had a knife or a gun? The da must do something about this. Also the Waukesha freeman reported yesterday the school administrator claimed this was a non- violent act. That’s apalling as well.

  • dolores solorzano

    this person should be jailed autism or not and apparently his so called parents must have not taught him any better and he should be facing a multitude of charges and if need be them also

  • Vicki Mitchell

    I know who can pay the medical bills! The kid’s parents! And if they can’t charge the kid, too bad they can’t charge the parents for not watching him properly. I am quite sure they knew what he is capable of.

  • Outraged

    You can’t prove intent, even after this teen “happened to wander” into her place of employment the day after he hit her. I have worked with many autistic children and they know right from wrong. And most parents will not allow that to be an excuse for their behavior.

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