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It’s a great time to give: Roundy’s donating to 60 pantries as part of Feeding Families Tour

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WAUWATOSA — A special truck filled with food made a stop at Pick ‘n Save in Wauwatosa on Thursday, October 1st.

The truck wasn’t bringing food to be sold in the store. Instead, it was headed for a local food pantry.

It was all part of Roundy’s Feeding Families Tour.

Roundy's Feeding Families Tour

Roundy’s Feeding Families Tour

The grocery chain is donating food to 60 pantries across Wisconsin and Illinois over five days.

Each pantry receives $4,000 in food.

Roundy’s officials said there’s a reason to give this time of year.

“Now is a great time because they’re empty after the summer, they all tell us their shelves bare after the summer so this kind of tides them over until we get to that holiday season when people typically want to give,” Connie Jones said.

You can help too. All Roundy’s stores are holding a food drive through next week. All food collected goes to a local food pantry.

Roundy's Feeding Families Tour

Roundy’s Feeding Families Tour

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