16-year-old girl accused of kicking pregnant EMT, teen’s own labor induced after fight

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MILWAUKEE -- A young mother-to-be is in the hospital following a fight at Barack Obama School of Career and Technical Education. Police say 30 to 40 students and outsiders were fighting at the school, and that a pregnant student kicked a pregnant paramedic.

Officers were dispatched to the school shortly before 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, September 30th to back up school resource officers.

Dozens were ticketed following the fight, and FOX6 News has learned the pregnant student could face possible criminal charges.

Police say the 16-year-old student has been ordered into the Milwaukee County Children's Center to face possible charges.

 Barack Obama School of Career and Technical Education

Barack Obama School of Career and Technical Education

The chaos in the halls of Barack Obama School Wednesday afternoon was captured on video. The cell phone video is now making the rounds on social media.

"It was pretty scary. Only thing I was thinking about at the time was to get to her," Schlonda James said.

Schlonda James

Schlonda James

James says she got a call on Wednesday afternoon from a friend of her daughter.

"Telling me that eight girls had jumped on my daughter," James said.

James didn't know until later that the fight had evolved into a large altercation. The video shows James' 16-year-old daughter Sharaka buried so deep in the mass of people you can barely see her jean jacket -- or the fact that she's eight months pregnant.

Now, after the fight, there are concerns for Sharaka's unborn baby.

"The baby is not doing all the movements they are looking for the child to do, so they are going to induce my daughter," James said.



Along with health concerns, the young mother-to-be could also be facing criminal charges for what happened after the fight.

Police say she kicked a Paratech ambulance EMT who is also pregnant.

"My daughter has asthma and she was letting her know she couldn`t breathe, so at that point and time the lady walked from the side of my daughter and went where my daughter was kicking at and that`s how she got kicked in the stomach," James said.

James says what happened was an accident -- one she doesn't feel her daughter should be punished harshly for, especially as she lays in a hospital bed worrying about her own daughter's future.

"I don`t feel that`s right. She was also a victim," James said.

Paratech officials say the EMT who was kicked was hurt, but she's doing better.

Police say the students involved in the fight have been ticketed -- and school district officials say they're disciplining the students involved as well.

But James says she doesn't feel that's enough, and says her daughter won't be returning to Barack Obama School.

We're told by police that non-student family members of those involved in the fight came to the school -- but they did not gain access to the school, nor did they participate in the fight.

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  • Shay

    There was another fight before this one that was also captured on video. It also made its way around social media. This school did not handle that incident effectively, which led to this fight. I find it hard to believe that this caring mom who is all over her daughters facebook page dis not know about the first fight. Why would anyone leave their child -pregnant or not- in a school they knew had issues with violence that the staff is not capable of managing?

  • Elisabeth

    I find it strange they didn’t suspend all the students involved. They kick little kids out of kindergarten for brining a peanut butter sandwich to school for lunch, but when physical fighting occurs and escalates and the students should know better because they are young adults, they just get reprimanded? Is this a newly built school that was recently named after the President or did they rename the school?

    • Dan K

      This is an old school that used to be named after general Custer from the civil war. Now it is named after Obama.

      • sw

        As a graduate of the former Custer High School back in the 60’s, I can tell you that the school was definitely NOT named after General Custer. The name came from the fact that Custer High School used to be on 37th and Custer Ave in Milwaukee, and when the new school was built in the 50’s
        , (the current Obama school) the old one became Edison Junior High School. The school is not named after anyone.

    • Opinion8d

      There wouldn’t be any kids in school if they kicked them all out for fighting…..this is the PC way of handling things. If we note the problems it looks like the schools are racist in their punishment because it’s not in line with the white schools.

  • hunter

    first of all 16 and pregnant? because she was in a fight and alledgedly got kicked what justifies her to kick an emt? my son has asthma and he has never kicked while having an attack! they continue to assault ems people let them lay

    • experienced medic

      I’ve seen many asthma attacks in my day, from males and females of all ages, and none of them have ever been kicking. Sounds like this mom is trying to make up a story so her daughter doesn’t get charged with a felony. Tough luck mama! Should’ve raised your daughter better.

    • anonymous

      you are so right! and as a first responder next time I come on a scene and see yours or somebody elses little precious laying on the ground kicking or struggling or doing anything else that might make me “choose to put myself in harms way” guess what? how about I choose not to put myself in harms way and let them lay there and flop? how bout that then we wont be having this conversation

    • Ben Cemoli

      Yep. 16 years old and pregnant. And I’m betting she doesn’t even know who the baby daddy is. Just another black starting down the welfare track. By 18 I predict she’ll have two or three more babies being raised by a grandmother or auntie and the welfare will be rolling in.

  • Homer

    Here’s another inner-city parent justifying her 16 year old child’s poor choices and lack of intelligence. THIS is what’s wrong with Milwaukee and why the crime rate is so high in the inner city.

  • MKEbreedsEntitlementBABIES

    Anyone naive enough to believe this story is a bleeding heart liberal, who prob only deal with hood rats & crack babies at FREE peanut butter or FREE coat drives.
    Lucky for the Teen Mom Welfair Queen she lives in Milwaukee, where liberal judges rule and law abiding tax payers suffer the consequences.

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