2015 Sista Strut: Hundreds dress in head to toe pink to raise breast cancer awareness

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MILWAUKEE — The 4th Annual V100.7 Sista Strut took place on Saturday, October 3rd in Estabrook Park.

Mary Stoker Smith

Mary Stoker Smith

The event, hosted by FOX6’s very own Mary Stoker Smith, is geared towards African American women. Studies show they are more likely to get breast cancer at a younger age and have a death rate from breast cancer twice that of Caucasian women of the same age.

Sista Strut works to combat that statistic with this event.

Hundreds of participants enjoyed a warm up and entertainment along with a strut around the park.

Organizers say this free event is to raise awareness in the African American community that mammograms save lives.

“Don’t wait because waiting can be the difference between a treatable condition and something that has gone too far,” said Aronica Williams, Medical Director of Isaac Coggs Heritage Health Center.

The American Cancer Society was on site with Nurses Affecting Change, offering free clinical breast exams.

Walgreens was also at the event offering free flu shots.


  • 2ECOND

    its interesting in todays society, that we can have a gathering called the “sista strut” and its not considered racist. if there was something called say, the white girl walk, god help us, it would be racist. the double standards in this country are ridiculous

  • Media Rants

    White women are overall more likely to get breast cancer, and the higher mortality rate can be attributed to not having a PCP, but I don’t understand why these people are making it about race?! You know who makes everything about race? Racists. We’ve been walking and buying pink stuff for years to benefit everyone, but these people are so self centered they had to narrow it down and make it about them. It would be protested and shut down in a heartbeat if anyone ever dared to host a “whitey walk” to raise awareness that white women are more likely to get breast cancer and therefore need a special event. But again, stop making this a racial issue and just raise awareness for the disease and virtue signal in a way that is good for the HUMAN race, not just yours.

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